11 Simple Self-Care Habits to Boost Your Mood and Energy

Why is Self Care Important?

woman hugging herself to represent self care
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Self Care is taking time out for you to take care of yourself. In our busy, high-paced, stressed-out lives, we’re always doing something – whether that means working, taking care of someone, running errands, or even hustling. Our lives are incredibly demanding – it’s never-ending!

Taking a step back to recharge and take care of ourselves is vital. Here are 11 Simple Self Care Ideas that will have you feeling refreshed!

Go for a Walk

woman walking in the forest
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It’s amazing how refreshing a five-minute walk can be. Simply being outside is enough to give us a tiny little boost and help us recharge. Getting the blood flowing with a bit of exercise is an added bonus.

It doesn’t have to be a long walk. A quick stroll around the block works wonders for feeling refreshed and refocused. Give it a try!

Deep Breathing

woman practicing deep breathing
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Taking a few minutes to focus on deep breathing is an excellent way to ground yourself. 

Start by closing your eyes and taking a full deep breath in. Slowly exhale, completely emptying your lungs. Breathe deeply like this for a few minutes, and I guarantee you will feel at least a tiny bit better.

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woman stretching in front of a gorgeous sunrise
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Another quick way to get some self-care in is to stretch. Stand up and reach for the sky! Then, try to touch your toes. Stretch out your back and your arms. It will give you a tiny boost of energy, and it’s good for the muscles too!


woman sitting by a fireplace writing in her journal to represent tups for starting a bullet journal
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Journaling is a great way to let all of your thoughts flow out of you. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are holding things in until we start writing them down. 

Try journaling about gratitude to reduce your stress and obtain a better outlook on life. Write down three things you’re grateful for each day to acknowledge the good things you have in your life. It will work wonders to boost your mood. 

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Pamper Your Face

woman getting a facial mask at the spa
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An exfoliating scrub can do wonders to help you freshen your day. Treat yourself to a quick cleanse. Finish off with your favorite moisturizer.

Your skin will feel fresher, you will feel reinvigorated, and as a bonus, it will help reduce acne and oily skin. 

Read a Book

close up of the book a woman is reading, you can see her holding a coffee mug behind the book
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Pick up a book and read a chapter or two. Escape into a fantasy land and let go of the hustle of daily life, even if just for thirty minutes at a time. 


Silhouette of woman meditating with a purple backdrop
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When you’re meditating for self-care, it’s best to focus on Zen meditation. This method of meditating is all about clearing your mind and letting go of all your stress and worries.

Spotify has some great options for Zen meditation, but you can also buy some digital downloads on Amazon. Just 15-30 minutes of meditation can do wonders to improve your mood and increase your mindfulness. 

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Go for a Jog

woman jogging
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Exercise is one of the best things you can do for self-care. I know, it’s hard, and it hurts, but it has tons of benefits. The most obvious one is the physical health benefits – burning calories, weight loss, healthy heart, all that jazz. But it has immense mental benefits as well. Working out releases endorphins, feel-good hormones that will help your mental state throughout the day.


woman coloring in an adult coloring book
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There’s a reason Adult Coloring Books are all the rage. Coloring is a great way to tune out the world and focus on something non-consequential. It may seem mundane, but you’re really giving your brain a break from all the stress and worry. 

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Take a Bath

person relaxing in a bath reading a book
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A bubble bath is the quintessential self-care Sunday idea. The luxurious appeal of a warm, fragrant bubble bath can’t be overstated. It’s indulgent, relaxing, soothing, and the perfect way to unwind after a long week.

Go for a Hike

woman walking in the forest
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Hiking is so much better than walking or jogging around your neighborhood. It combines the getting outside and exercising portion of both of those with being out in nature!

Physical activity is always good for the body, and being outside in nature does wonders for your emotional health. A walk through the woods has a way of making us slow down and appreciate the majesty of the world that we live in. Sometimes that is all we need for a boost. 

Watch a Guilty Pleasure Movie/Show

man watching television
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Self-care can mean watching tv. It can mean indulging in a movie or tv show that you actually want to see, or something that’s just mindless entertainment. Sometimes self-care means taking the opportunity to check out, if only for a few hours. 

Indulge in Your Favorite Hobby

young woman holding a paint brush to represent best artists of all time
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Taking time for yourself can be about more than just relaxing. Self-Care also includes taking the time to do things that you love, and that make you happy. Use this time to draw in your sketchbook, knit a hat, or write a chapter in the novel you are working on. This type of self-care can lead to a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

This might also be a good time to explore your passions and dabble in different creative hobbies. Perhaps you will discover something that you didn’t even know was missing!

More Ways to Practice Self Care

man hugging himself
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There are many things you can do throughout your week to indulge in self-care.

Start by eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. It’s amazing how much taking care of our bodies in these little ways improves our wellness.

Next, learn the art of saying no. Stay home and treat yourself instead of saying yes to everything.

Finally, start listening to your body. It will tell you when you’re exhausted, when you need more me-time, and when you’re ready to seize the day. Take care of it, and it will take care of you back for years to come.