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No Spend Year Challenge Update – No Spend July

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Well, as I said in my No Spend June update, I didn’t do nearly as well not spending money in July as I did in June. But hey, sometimes you have to live a little in the now and reflect later, right? So check out how I failed at my no spend July challenge.

No Spend July

I guess calling it a “No Spend July” is a bit of a misnomer. I spent tons of money in July! Really though, there were only two major slip ups. It’s not like I was going out to dinner every night, or buying a bunch of useless things. I bought some things as an investment in my future goals, which no one can argue is a bad thing. I also spent some money on a plane ticket to Savannah, and spent a little money having fun on the long fourth of July holiday.

Buying Some Things

The only things I actually bought in July were things that will help me with my future goals (and in case you missed it, those goals include full time RV living and working the Renaissance Fair circuit!).

I had been wanting a new set of tarot cards for a while. The ones I have are based on the artwork of Jheronimus Bosch, and while they are wonderfully artistic, the symbolism of the cards was lost in trying to apply his works to the deck. So, I bought the Rider-Waite deck. This deck was drawn with symbolism in mind, so the images on the cards match the meanings. This is super helpful when trying to learn how to read!

I also went to a few indoor flea markets, looking for awesome deals. I found a bunch of older books on how to read tarot. The books were only one or two bucks a piece, what a steal! This is why I love shopping at flea markets and garage sales, and also why it can be dangerous.

The final thing I bought during my no spend July was the amazing RV book by Alyssa Padgett, A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV. I read the whole thing in about a week! It had tons of awesome information to help prepare me for life on the road and was definitely worth the money. You’ll be seeing a review of it soon!

All in all, I spent about $50 on all these items, which is not ideal for a no spend month, but also not terrible for investing in my future goals.

"no spend July"
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Expensive Fourth of July Weekend

Ok, I really messed up here. I spent way too much money having a blast over the long holiday weekend. We went to Philadelphia and tried a few fantastic Chinese restaurants in Philly’s China town. Delicious! We also checked out some of the restaurants in my area that I hadn’t had a chance to try yet. The new boyfriend, being the chivalrous guy that he is, offered to pay, but I didn’t feel comfortable having a guy pay for me all weekend. So, I let him pay for the first restaurant, and we split the bills for the rest of the weekend.

Overall, I didn’t spend that much. I spent about fifty dollars on meals out for the entire weekend, and that’s a generous estimate. Most of the places we chose to eat at were fairly cheap. It was definitely worth it to spend some quality time with him and get to know him better (and make the decision to be in a relationship, yay!).

Trip to Savannah

The most expensive thing I spent money on during my supposedly no spend July was airfare to Savannah. I haven’t been back since I went to pick up the dogs, and I have some people there that I need to see. They are like my second family, outside of my LA crew. Fortunately, plane tickets from Philadelphia to Savannah are fairly cheap, it only cost two hundred bucks. That’s not too shabby for spending a fantastic weekend with some good people!


The two hundred bucks was just for the plane tickets though – I’m sure I’ll be spending a little more to eat, drink, and make merry with my Savannah friends while I’m there. But, that’s a problem for future Melanie!

No Spend July

All things considered, I only spent three hundred un-budgeted dollars in July. That’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be! Three hundred bucks got me an amazing weekend, some awesome and helpful books, and a trip to Savannah. I know I’m not supposed to be spending any money each month (that’s really freaking hard though!), but I did get a lot of bang for the bucks that I did spend. That may not exactly be a win, but it’s a small consolation.

No Spend August

August is up next, and although I know the trip to Savannah is going to be a tad bit expensive (but I already budgeted two hundred bucks for it, which should be more than enough). My goal is not to spend any money outside of that trip, but we shall see how it goes!


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