No Spend June

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I’m half way through my no spend year challenge! Surprisingly enough, June was my best no-spend month yet! I did an amazing job of not spending money during this mid-way point of the challenge– I’m on a roll! Or maybe not, because I just overspent during the first weekend in July. But that’s a story for next month’s update! For now, let’s see how I did during my no spend June!

No Spend June

I did a fantastic job of not spending money in June. I obviously paid for the essentials: groceries, bills, utilities, etc., but other than that there were no unplanned expenses and very few dinners out (if you recall, I allow myself two per month).  The only time I spent money needlessly was during my much-needed trip to LA, which I paid for in May. Therefore the plane tickets don’t count against my No Spend June. And, if you recall, I got those with my credit card points, so it hardly cost me anything anyway.

Trip to LA

As I’ve written about on numerous occasions already, I took a spontaneous but much needed trip to Los Angeles during the first week of June. It was a fantastic get-away and exactly what I needed. This trip gave me the chance to refresh and gain some clarity on what I really wanted out of life. It kind of interrupted my no-spend challenge, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. And it was totally worth it!


The biggest expense was parking at the airport. I guess I could’ve paid less to park in an economy lot further from the actual airport, but with my flight hours (and considering the trip was only a few days) I felt more comfortable parking in the garage. And the prices at the Philadelphia airport are fairly reasonable! It only cost me $120 to park there for five nights! It was supposed to only be four, but my original flight home got canceled and I had to stay in LA for an extra night.

My only other expense was food. Fortunately, most of my favorite places are fairly reasonably priced (you can get some amazing pho and banh mi for excellent prices!). My awesome friends wanted to treat me pretty often (they are the best!) so I only ended up paying for about half of my meals. My friends and I are always super generous with each other like that, we love to treat each other and take care of each other. Those really are the best kinds of friends.  All in all, I spent about $150 on food for the entire four-day weekend, and that includes the extra day I had to stay. Overall, I spent about $270 on the entire trip. Not too shabby!

Dinners out

Outside of my trip to LA, I only went out to eat one time in June. One time! Isn’t that fantastic? And, since I had a craving for greasy delicious fish from Long John Silvers, it didn’t cost that much money. Yes, I know Long John Silver’s is disgusting, greasy, and a heart attack waiting to happen, but I freaking love it. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. And, there’s one about a mile from my house! Fortunately, I have some semblance of self-control, and I only eat there once every few months or so. But when that craving strikes, I have to have it. It’s only ten bucks though, so it doesn’t hurt the budget nearly as much as it hurts the arteries.

"no spend june"
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No Spend July

Unfortunately, I already spent too much money in July, so I’ll doubt I’ll have as stellar as a month (but that’s a story for next month – you will have to keep posted to find out what I spent so much money on!) But, outside of that holiday weekend, I don’t think I will be spending any more money this month. Check back to see how the month went!

3 thoughts on “No Spend June”

  1. You’re doing great with your no-spend challenge. Bravo for trying to do it for a while year. I’ve done some no-spend months but I would love to try a no-spend year at some point. I think I would need to plan ahead to do a whole year, but maybe if I start planning now I can do it in 2020.

    1. Thank you! It hasn’t been easy, and I make tons of mistakes, but I’m trying to keep up with it. I’m pretty sure July is going to be a fail month :(. Whoops! I think you can do it in 2020! Even if you mess up a month or two, overall it will help you save money for the entire year. It will make you think about your spending before doing it. And I did give myself a few allowances for the year – a few dinners out each month and a few trips. You can’t suck all the joy out of your life.

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