"No Spend March"

No Spend March

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We made it through the third month of our no spend year! We are doing a lot better about not eating out (thank you healthy eating bundle!) but I did mess up with one giant impulse buy. Let’s see how we did during our no spend March.

No Spend March

I think I’m starting to get used to this “no-spend” idea. My no spend March seemed so much more normal and easier than the first two months. Was it just because I’ve finally gotten settled into the new house, or was it because I’m getting used to the idea of staying in and not spending money? I think the next few months will enlighten me.

Eating Out

I did so much better about not eating out in March! We only had one dinner out the entire month (that I remember…I must be forgetting something). I bought lunch at work twice – once because I was on the road and another because I owed my group (we meet every few weeks and rotate who buys -it was my turn).


Eating at home is a lot easier when you have delicious foods to cook. I think the healthy meal plan bundle has really helped me expand my culinary prowess. My favorite meal so far has been the Korean beef (it’s so good and so easy to make!) but everything I’ve tried to make so far has been fantastic. Click here for a full review, or just go for it and buy the full bundle. It’s still a great price, and you won’t regret it!

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019 

Impulse Buy

Okay, I know I built up this terrible impulse buy during this post, but it really wasn’t that bad. I spent fifty dollars at Staples. I bought a bunch of post it notes (because what blogger doesn’t need tons of post it’s?) to help me stay organized, and I bought two journals, one for me and one for Emma. She’s super creative and I want to encourage her to pursue things like journaling, reading, and writing.

I also splurged on two books – one for me and one for her. They were five dollars each. The book I bought is “The Physics of the Buffyverse”. How could I resist a book about my favorite show? I bought Emma a book called “Wonder”. It is the full story of one of her favorite movies. It’s a full-on novel, and I was really impressed that she picked that out of everything in the book/game store (not that I would have bought her a game anyway). Like I said, I’ll always encourage her to be a reader!

"No spend March"
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The One Big Expense

I did have one major expense during my no spend march. Technically, it wasn’t my expense and I didn’t have to do it, but I love my boyfriend and I decided to help him out. I’m not going to get into details here about what that was (If you want to know, listen to episode 11 of My Boyfriend Sucks with Money!), but I will say that he is definitely going to be paying me back and it’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund!

No Spend March Summarized

While we still haven’t perfected the concept of “no spend” we are doing better with each passing month.  Maybe we will have figured it out by December! But despite our minor failures, this challenge has been great for us financially and emotionally. Holding myself accountable for not spending any money makes me question whether I really need something or not. Do I really need to go out to eat today or can I cook delicious food at home? Do I need to go to target? I probably don’t need anything from there (and it helps that the closest one is now 45 minutes away!). This challenge has helped me be more disciplined in my spending, and even if I don’t succeed every month, I count that as a win.

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2 thoughts on “No Spend March”

  1. I love the mindset you are taking with this. It’s a no spend month, but if you happen to spend on something, that’s okay because overall, you are so much better off. That way, each little mistake doesn’t lead to either giving up or feeling guilty. Looking forward to the continuation of this.

    1. Thank you! I’m planning on doing this for the entire year, so I know that I can’t let myself get depressed about mistakes. I take each lapse of willpower as a learning experience!

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