Blog Strategies


Are you thinking of starting a blog? Or are you a voyeur who is interested in how a blog progresses month after month? Well then you have definitely come to the right category! Our blog strategies are where you will learn all the ins and outs of blogging, including everything that we’ve done wrong!

Blog Strategies

Blog Growth Reports

Every month, starting from the very beginning, Partners has published a monthly growth strategy report. This is where we write about what we did for the month, delve into our wins and losses, and help prevent you from making the same mistakes that we did.


We decided to start these from the very beginning, because we wanted the world to see where we came from. I really hate it when blogs start publishing growth reports after they’ve been active for years, pretending the success was overnight.  Partners in Fire is much more transparent! You can start with our first month – reading about all of our struggles up to the present. Amazingly transparent, isn’t it?


Blog Help

The blog growth reports aren’t the only aspect of our blog strategies that will help you. We also write about social media strategies, how to blog, what hosting platforms to use, and what programs are the best for images. You will find tons of helpful information about blogging here!


All in all, this page is here to help you on your blogging journey. You’ll get a realistic view of blogging as a hobby and a potential business. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you came to the right place! Dig in!

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