5 Ways to Make More Money By Working Less

For many, work-life can mean long, draining hours and little time to relax. What if there were strategies people could implement to work less and still make money? 

There are. Here are five steps to help you make more money and work smarter, not harder.

1. Find Passive Income Sources

Everyone buys things. Those who shop without signing up for loyalty programs and rewards miss out on a lot of free money. Don’t miss out on opportunities to earn rewards for buying the things you need.

Credit Card with Cash Back

Using a credit card to pay for purchases that reciprocate with a certain percentage in cashback is a great way to earn money passively. The money earned back depends on the total amount of the purchases at year-end but can add up to a few hundred dollars annually. Research the credit cards that provide the most cash back on the things you typically buy.

Rewards Apps

Mobile users can download rewards apps for free that will allow them to earn points for all eligible purchases. Fetch Rewards is one such app that users can download with Apple iOS and Android devices. The only work required is to keep shopping receipts from making gas, retail, and grocery purchases and scanning or uploading them to their phones. In return, Fetch Rewards will give app users points they can eventually exchange for free gift cards to major retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and many more. You can even donate your points to charity.

With any regular everyday expenses being eligible for rewards, Fetch Rewards users will rack up many points before they know it. Users can also earn points for referring family and friends to the app. Be sure to use a referral code when you sign up too.

Shoppers should also consider loyalty rewards programs offered at grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores to earn points and receive discounts that can help save money with minimal time or effort. 


Grow your wealth through investing. Work with a financial advisor, or take a lower-cost option and work with a Robo advisor. Either way, an advisor will assess your profile and select investments that align with your needs. With a good, diversified investment portfolio, you should be able to earn money with little effort. In time, you will have enough money to do whatever you’d like. 

2. Remove Distractions and Time Wasters


Commuting may be one of the biggest time killers. Many people feel drained from the drive and dealing with traffic before they even start to work. 

The time spent commuting can be better used for earning money. Make arrangements with your employer to work from home permanently or most of the week to help increase your productivity and waste less time. If that’s not an option, consider a career change that will allow more remote work options. 


Technology can be a significant distraction. Checking emails and text messages on your cell phone, scrolling endlessly through social media, and watching videos on mobile are substantial time wasters, often bordering on addiction.  

Make it a point to put your phone away until you complete a defined amount of work. Then reward yourself with a technology break for five or ten minutes. 

Set Boundaries

Unless there is an emergency, work time is between certain hours, which needs to be respected by family and friends who may not have the same schedule. Make people aware of the best time to reach you and that you will be unavailable for things that can wait until the evening. Doing so will also allow you to maintain a better work-life balance

3. Batch Your Work

Batching refers to grouping tasks together and working on completing those tasks before moving on to the next. In a world where expectations are to multi-task as much as possible, batching jobs helps people work more efficiently and with greater focus. 

The following are some steps to take to help organize a project for batching:

  1. Prioritize a task list
  2. Break down a project into smaller tasks
  3. Organize the tasks by function
  4. Make a schedule

Following this batch work technique, tasks can be completed in less time and are more structured and productive. 

4. Outsource Tasks 

Outsource small administrative or menial tasks which take up valuable time you could use to work on bigger and better things. Hire an assistant, even if it’s temporary, to get organized. 

Also, consider hiring people for home maintenance work that takes time away from bigger jobs that pay more than it’s worth to do this work. With these kinds of tasks off your plate and your mind, it’s much easier to focus and accomplish more work that counts.

5. Specialize

One of the best ways to earn more and work less is to have a higher income. Experts are typically sought-after people who can solve a problem or a pain point and generally demand higher pay. Specializing and acquiring a deep understanding of a particular field can help make you a more valuable employee, which usually means more money. 

To develop expertise, consider taking courses and getting additional training and certifications. Investing in education is almost a guarantee of achieving a significant return through higher salaries. 


Working less and making more money is a dream for many. The dream can become a reality if we use our time and skills more productively. By finding passive sources of income, outsourcing small tasks, implementing more efficient strategies at work, and improving professional skills, we can live the life we’ve always dreamed of living. What are you waiting for? Get started today!