Revolutionize Your Life with These 10 Game-Changing Purchases

 Most of us are told not to waste money on trivial items. Financial gurus side eyes folks who make questionable purchases before paying off debt.

What the financial gurus don’t get is that sometimes, a seemingly ridiculous purchase will vastly improve your quality of life, and isn’t that worth spending money on?

A Good Bed

Happy woman sleeping in a comfy bed.
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The most upvoted comment is something far too many of us lack: a good bed. A good night’s sleep is vital to your health, but some folks miss out by sleeping on cheap, uncomfortable mattresses.

The resulting thread included many other items necessary for great sleep, including comfortable pillows, high thread count sheets, and even weighted blankets.


A modern clean looking bathroom.
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Americans have long been hesitant to join their European counterparts in embracing the bidet, but some Reddit users insist it’s life-changing.

The comment received 1200 upvoted and numerous replies praising the virtues of bidets. Most Redditors who use one say they’ll never go back.

Filtered Water Pitcher

water pouring into a glass
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For those without high-quality tap water, a pitcher that filters water is essential! A comment combining the top response of good bedding with a way to filter water received 1100 upvotes, and most of the replies agreed that filtered water is life-changing.

A water filter isn’t only for those with questionable water. Even decent tap water has impurities. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it.

A Sharp Knife

Woman cutting veggies in the kitchen holding a knife and sucking her finger as if she had a small accident.
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You don’t notice how awful your dull kitchen knives are until you get a high-quality, sharp blade. The difference is incredible, making food prep far easier and more enjoyable.

Redditors also suggested you purchase a good knife sharpener.

Ketamine Therapy

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One Redditor received over 700 upvotes and the starry award for admitting that ketamine therapy changed their life and helped them manage their depression symptoms.

Spending money on your health is always a good investment.

House Cleaner

woman wearing cleaning gloves shouting with her hands on the side of her head. She's stressed out over spring cleaning
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Sometimes the best thing we can buy ourselves is more time. We do that by paying folks to do things we don’t want to do.

Paying someone to clean our house may seem like a splurge, but it’s a great way to reduce stress and gift yourself extra time. Often, having a house cleaner come once or twice a week motivates you to tidy up between cleanings, so you reap even more benefits.

Identical Socks

wall of colorful socks hanging for sale in a store.
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Want a life pro tip? One Redditor said buying a massive pack of identical socks changed their life. It sounds ridiculous on the surface, but it’s pretty genius when you think about it.

Stop digging through piles of laundry, searching for matching pairs. Throw all the socks together, grab two, and go. Buying identical socks simplifies your life, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Visual Art

mural of a woman peering from behind a leaf, part of the mural in the alley behind big wrap in Aspen
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Our homes act as our safe havens, our peaceful respites against the outside world. No one greats purchasing a piece of art that brings them joy whenever they see it. 

A High-Quality Tool

man measuring wood while woodworking
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The generalist comment advised folks to buy a first-rate tool for whatever job they’re doing. 

Stop buying cheap hammers, screwdrivers, and drills at the dollar store, and invest in a few high-quality tools that will meet your needs. The difference is astounding.

Cordless Vacuum

Woman cleaning a couch with a cordless handheld vacuum.
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A good vacuum is essential, and not all vacuums are the same. Cordless vacuums make the mundane chore far more manageable. You’ll wonder how you ever vacuumed with that pesky cord in the way!

The comment section turned into a debate over which brand is best, but the consensus was that Dyson or Shark would work for most people.

Quality Shoes

Wall covered with various colored tennis shoes
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Cheap shoes hurt your feet and break down quickly. Splurging on high quality shoes seems like a waste, but it’s typically worth the money. 

Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaning a spill made by a ginger cat who sits nearby.
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The following comment took it a step further and described the fantastic benefits of a robot vacuum. Why spend time vacuuming when you can automate it?

Of course, robot vacuum cleaners have limitations. Most aren’t powerful enough to grab everything, and they fill up fast in a household with pets. Still, running it every day makes your life easier, as you’ll only have to run the real vacuum a few times a week.

Self Cleaning Litter Box

Smiling woman holding a cat
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We love our cats, but cleaning the litter box is a chore everyone hats. A self cleaning litter box makes life with cats far easier. 

Laser Hair Removal

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Shaving is such an endless hassle. Why not opt for a more permanent hair removal solution?

Laser treatment is painful and expensive, but if you have the correct hair type, you’ll have noticeably less growth after just a few treatments. Never dealing with shaving or razer burn again is worth the pain and expense.


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