Perfectly Legal Jobs that Make a Ton of Money While Toeing Ethical Lines

Money talks. A lot of people will ignore ethical grey areas to pay the bills. These jobs may be legal, but you’ll have to do some unethical stuff if you decide to pursue them. 

Finance Sales

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Some financial sales jobs play dirty to get unsuspecting customers to sign up for massive debt. Charismatic extroverts with an eye for easily manipulated targets can do well in these positions. 

Mega Church Pastors

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Using people’s deeply held beliefs as a tool to siphon money from them is one of the lowest ways to earn a living. Regulating them is unconstitutional, so we can’t prevent poor saps from throwing their money at scummy pastors who use them to fund their private jets and megamansions. 

Payday Loan Servicers

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People who set up and fund payday loan services prey on the poorest. The interest rates are so high that many people who get this type of loan can never escape the debt burden. 


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Politicians can get away with abhorrent behavior. They make backroom deals, trade cash for laws, and help their friends get ahead, all while enjoying comfortable leads in the polls. 

Most of their behavior is legal because they often make the laws. 

Pharmaceutical Rep

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Pharmaceutical reps schmooze doctors to convince them to push their drugs on unsuspecting patients. They offer kickbacks, fine dining, and luxury trips, all while regular people get addicted to pills with horrendous side effects. 

Collections Agent

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Collections agencies hound people drowning in debt for money they don’t have. You must set aside your empathy to make a living in this questionable field. 

Repo Man

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It takes a special set of skills to go to people’s homes and take the stuff they can no longer afford. People working in repossessions often have to get face to face with someone going through a financial crisis and take their property anyway. 

Insurance Claims Adjuster

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Many insurance companies train their claims adjusters to deny every claim the first time. Claims adjusters working in health insurance must deny claims for critical health care, forcing customers to choose between life-saving healthcare and insurmountable debt. 


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Lobbyists make their money by buying politicians. A good lobbyist gets laws through that benefit giant corporations, typically to the determinant of ordinary people. 

Corporate Animal “Care” Technicians

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There’s only one reason giant corporations need animal care technicians. Though many industries now ban animal testing, it’s still allowed in some cases. 

TimeShare Sales

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Though some people love their timeshares, most people who buy are bullied into it by high-pressure sales tactics. 


A lawyer arguing in a court room
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Everyone hates lawyers. Although many in the field, like public defenders, are committed to the Constitution, far too many use their position to siphon money from those who can least afford it. 

Corporate lawyers defend despicable actions for the sake of corporate profits, while many personal injury lawyers take the bulk of the settlement, leaving an injured party with scraps. 

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