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No Spend April

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Welcome to our no spend April update! Or, as I like to call it, spend all the money April!

This is the fourth month of our No Spend Year Challenge, and it was an epic failure. Like over five thousand dollars of failure. Let’s see where we went wrong.

No Spend April

We started the month on a good note. We took a trip to Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossoms – but I mentioned budgeting for short weekend trips in my original post, and we made it as cheap as possible by making it a day trip (a long long day trip!). Brian did buy a stupid Zelda sword, but he bought it used and that’s better than paying full price. He sucks with money, so for him that’s a win!

We did have an extra date night in the beginning of the month – we were supposed to stick to eating out twice a month, and we ate out twice in the first two weeks. We also had a concert planned for the 19th (which was spectacular, by the way!) which was going to be a third date night.  It’s hard to say no to a night out when we hardly ever have a night off together.

Spend All the Money April!

We weren’t doing too terrible. We didn’t buy any new clothes, or video games, or anything else unnecessary. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always like to let you not spend money. We had two insane expenses pop up at the same time, which completely derailed all the good we were trying to do.

No spend April
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My Baby

The first major expense was my cat breaking his leg. You can read the whole story here, but that horrible situation cost me over four thousand dollars. Pets are expensive, but they are family. A side affect to his vet visits and me being stressed out beyond belief is that our no eating out rule got thrown out the window. It got thrown off the freaking planet! It was fast food life for me for those first 5 days! I was driving to a vet for the first three days, and so worried about him that I couldn’t concentrate on cooking and even forgot to make myself lunches. We probably spent another hundred or so bucks on stupid fast food that week. I guess that’s a drop in the hat compared to the four grand we spent on his leg, but it still wasn’t exactly needed.

My Car

The other thousand dollars came in the form of an insurance deductible for the car. We got into a little accident, but unfortunately there was a lot of damage to the undercarriage. Our deductible is $1000, so we had to pay that right away to get the car fixed. The total damage on the car is over three thousand dollars though, so I’m glad we have the insurance to cover most of it.

Life Happens

Most of the over five thousand dollars we spent during our no spend April was unanticipated emergency spending. Life happens. It sucks, but it is what it is. The punches come all at once sometimes, and we just have to take them and roll through. But I am thankful that I’m in the financial position to be able to handle these insane expenses. I can pay for my cat to have an emergency without having to worry about how I will put food on the table. I can pay to get my car fixed without having to worry about not having gas money. It sucks, and I hate that I’m out so much money so quickly, but being able to handle an emergency is one of my main reasons for pursing financial independence. I would never want to be in a position where I couldn’t save my cat.

No Spend May

So my no spend April was in fact terrible, but that doesn’t mean we are giving up. It’s May now, and we are digging in to make it the best no spend money yet! I mean, we kind of have to because we spent all our money in April, but who’s counting?

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