"no spend February"

No Spend February

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We made it through month two of our no spend year! I think we did much better during our no spend February than we did in January, but we aren’t at a solid win yet. Let’s see how we did!

No Spend February

We spent way less in our no spend February than we did in January. Win! A big part of that was not having to pay vet bills and actually having a functional kitchen, but hey, a win is a win, right? We weren’t perfect this month though, and we did spend a bit unnecessarily. Here’s where we spent money during our no spend February:


"no spend February challenge"
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Eating Out

I said we did better at not eating out, not that we were perfect! We did eat out a few too many times in February. Our goal was to limit dining out to two times per month, but we had six dinners out in February. Most of them were in the beginning of the month, before we had a fully functional kitchen. You can only eat so many tv dinners before they start making you sick! Two of the dinners out were due to us being stressed out beyond belief and just wanting something (I’m a stress eater, after all. Not the best way to deal with stress). One of the dinners out was a celebratory dinner for Brian getting a new job – he had been focusing on house stuff and moving, and we are finally settled enough for him to start working.

I also failed twice at bringing my own lunch to work. This usually isn’t hard for me at all, but I was at a conference for two days, and although I could have packed a lunch, I would have missed out on some networking opportunities with colleagues. Sometimes that is more important than being frugal.

Savannah Trip

Our biggest expense in February was a weekend trip to Savannah. This wasn’t just a fun weekend get-a-way visit though, we had to go pick up our babies! Our dogs were staying with Brian’s parents, and two of our cats were staying with some friends of ours. Getting our pets back our number one priority, and one of the reasons why we were so hyper-focused on buying a house as soon as possible.

We did use the trip as an opportunity to see some friends and family, so we spent a little extra money on a get-together. I never regret spending money to catch up with old friends though. Relationships are one of the most important parts of life, and while there are less expensive ways to get together, sometimes convenience has to win out (especially when you only have a few days!).

The most expensive part of the Savannah trip was gas. I spent about $200 in gas driving to and from Savannah. It was still cheaper than flying though! Flying wasn’t really an option anyway though, since we had to take four animals back in the car with us. That was a fun drive!


No Spend February Summarized

While our no spend February wasn’t as perfect as we would have liked, we still did better than in January. Hopefully march will be even better!

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