14 Frugal Tips You Probably Never Even Considered

Frugality is an art. The most frugal people know that some hidden frugality tips aren’t necessarily about money. 

Here are 14 unique frugal tips you probably never considered. 

Get Organized

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Lack of organization can cost you big in the long run. You may already have one of those things you think you need, and you may discover that you don’t need most of the junk you have. 

Spare Textiles

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Don’t throw away that old towel, ratty shirt, or shrunken scarf. Save your old textiles. You never know when you might need a rag or a specific-sized piece for a random project. 

Grocery Delivery

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Everyone says to shop yourself to save money on groceries, but if you have a bad habit of impulse spending at the grocery store, a delivery service can actually save you money in the long run. 


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Only make a big purchase after thoroughly researching it first. You will discover precisely what you need and find the best price possible. 

Leftovers First

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Most Americans eat way too much. Limit your portions and spread your food budget by putting your leftovers away before serving yourself dinner. 

Kitchen Sink Dinners

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Don’t let those veggies go to waste! When nearing their “use by” date, make a “kitchen sink dinner” using all those random ingredients. You can make delicious soups, casseroles, and fried rice with all those random vegetables. 

Plant Life

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It may not seem frugal to spend money on plants, but adding greenery to your space helps vent the air and create a sense of calm. You won’t feel the urge to spend as much when you have a relaxing space. 

Free Stock

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Why buy preservative-laced meat and veggie stock when you can make your own with leftovers? Freeze all the spare parts from chopping food in a giant freezer bag and make a batch of stock when it’s full. Avoid cruciferous veggies, though. 

Diluted Dawn

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Most of us use far too much dish soap. To reduce your waste, dilute your Dawn in a spray bottle with water, then spritz the spray on your dishes when you need to wash them. 

Max Your Credit Card Rewards

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Some credit cards offer cashback on grocery store purchases. Make the most of it by buying gift cards for things you need at the grocery store. Only do this if you’re committed to paying your credit card off in full each month. 

Switch to Reusable

A place setting with reusable plate, silverware, napkin and water cup.
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Our consumeristic culture loves to throw stuff away. Stop buying paper towels and plates, cloth diapers, and lunch bags. Replace the disposable stuff with stuff you can use again and again. 

Stay Healthy

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Maintaining your health saves you tons of money over time. Not only will you reduce your healthcare costs, but if you maintain the same body weight, you don’t have to buy as many new clothes. 


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If you live someplace that allows foraging, take a stroll and see what delicious foods you can find. Be sure you know what you’re harvesting, as some plants have toxins. 

You can also hunt and fish for your own food source. 


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There’s no one trick to frugality. It’s a mindset shift and a lifestyle choice. Once you make a few positive steps toward living a frugal lifestyle, it gets easier. Commit to it, and watch the savings pile up. 

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