Inflation Sticker Shock: Outrageous Price Increases We Never Expected

Many share stories about the rising cost of staples like cereal and necessities like housing. But the stuff we don’t buy daily can shock us even more. 

Halloween Candy

A small Halloween themed bag filled with candies and spooky toys.
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Everyone just finished their Halloween shopping and gaped at the cost of a bag of candy. Don’t be surprised when more and more houses go dark on Halloween. 

Refrigerator Filter

Back view of a woman looking in the refrigerator and scratching her head.
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One person said they used to get a twin pack of filters for what they’re now paying for one. 

Dog Food

Woman cuddling her dog on a bright yellow background.
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People won’t be able to afford pets because dog food keeps rising. Even the traditionally cheap brands charge a fortune for their corn and ground chicken parts formulas. 

Airport Dining

Ariel view of Denver airport.
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We don’t fly often, but we have to eat when we do, and the restaurants know it. They charge twenty bucks a plate (plus tax and tip, of course!) for subpar food. 

PC Parts

Vintage computer on a colorful bright pink desk against a bright orange wall.
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Buying refurbished PC parts and making your own computer is supposed to be cheaper. It still is, but now it costs what a brand-new PC would have cost two years ago. 

Under Garments

A woman making a sad face pulls her pockets inside out to show her lack of money.
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Women’s undergarments are notoriously overpriced but shouldn’t be luxury items. One woman had to get her new bras at Walmart because all the other stores were too costly. Mid-range retailers like Kohls’s wanted to charge over $50 for just one! 

Car Repairs

A mechanic working on the underside of a car.
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They say to keep a car until you can’t drive it anymore, but simple repairs are becoming so expensive that some folks have no option but to finance a new car. 

Food Delivery

A man riding a bicylce with a food delivery case on his back.
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Food delivery saved many people during the Pandemic, but as the prices kept increasing, it became a luxury item. Now, many people would rather pick it up than pay the outrageous fees. 

Dental Work

Woman smiling in a dentists share with a dentist behind her, their hands are near her mouth.
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Anything associated with health care has always been overpriced, but dental work is getting so expensive that people opt to live with excruciating mouth pain rather than pay for it. 

Home Improvements

A man doing a DIY home improvement rennovation job while his dog watches.
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You better hope you don’t have a leaky roof or a plumbing emergency. Wait on the remodel until prices level out.

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