Boss Denies Paternity Leave Despite 8 Months Notice

They tell us to have kids, but then they don’t do anything to make parenthood more manageable, especially for new parents. America’s work culture penalizes parenthood. We have no laws guaranteeing paid parental leave, and most young parents can’t afford the unpaid time mandated under FMLA. 

Workers lucky enough to earn paid time off face toxic managers who decide the job is more important than family. 

Advance Notice of Leave

One man came to Reddit venting after his boss denied him time off to bond with his newborn. The Original Poster (OP) said he told his boss about the pending birth before telling anyone else. 

My boss was literally the first person I told when I knew my wife was pregnant,” they shared, adding that the boss had about eight months to schedule and plan his absence. 

Boss Says No At Last Minute

The boss must have thought he was joking when he asked for time off. OP thought everything was set for him to take a month and a half off until five days before the due date. 

That’s when he discovered his boss had no intention of offering the paid leave, despite telling him he could take whatever he needed eight months ago. 

OP’s wife didn’t make it to the due date. The doctors had to induce, so OP wanted to start his leave five days early. 

When he discussed this with the boss, he discovered they had denied his entire request. 

Not Asking

OP stood up for himself. He had glowing reviews and was often praised for his work. 

He politely informed his boss that his leave request wasn’t actually a request. He’d be gone for a month and a half regardless of what they say. 

When he comes back, “Either I’d have a job, or id come to collect my last paycheck,” said OP. 

Check Your Labor Laws

Though OP only came to vent, many Redditors offered sage advice. Some states have stronger worker protections than others, and if OP lives in one of those states, he can pursue legal action for the leave he’s entitled to. 

They also stressed FMLA. The federal government does guarantee employees at least six weeks of unpaid time off for major medical issues such as childbirth. The employer is not obligated to pay for the time, but at least OP would have a job to return to. 

Europeans Baffled

Europeans on the thread were baffled at the paltry one month of paid paternal leave offered by some states and the complete lack of federal programs for new parents. 

“Can’t imagine having so little. We get 24 weeks minimum as dad’s and up to 50 weeks full pay,” said one user from outside the US. 

Most industrialized countries offer up to a year of paternity leave, each having different variations of how it can be split between parents. Other countries also offer childcare programs so young parents aren’t forced with the awful choice of quitting a secure job or paying exorbitant amounts for childcare. 

Take Your Leave OP

We hope OP enjoys his bonding time with his new child and his paternity leave gives mom a chance to recover from childbirth. 

Perhaps someday, the US will catch up with the rest of the world and provide more support for families. 

Source: Reddit