Boss Strings Employee Along then Crushes Him Come Promotion Time

Get everything in writing. 

That is the crucial lesson everyone must take to heart in this dog-eat-dog work culture. 

And it’s a lesson one employee learned the hard way. 

Promised a Promotion

The employee, our story’s Original Poster (OP), said they gave 110% at work after they were promised a promotion if they put in the hours. 

OP worked 50-60 hour weeks and constantly received positive feedback from their manager.

Scathing Review

But at the end of the year, OP’s performance review didn’t reflect that accolades and extra work. They received several negative marks just in time for that promised promotion. 

Of course, with the negative review, they were no longer eligible for promotion. 

OP came to the internet to vent and offer a sage warning to their fellow workers: don’t trust your boss!

It Happens all the Time

Users commiserated with OP, knowing all too well the subversive tactics managers use to trick them into working longer hours without compensation. 

“They led you on to exploit your labor and had zero intention on paying you more,” said one user. 

“The ol’ “next in line for the promotion, but psych!” Unfortunately, most of us have all fallen for that at one time or another,” said another. 

Moving Forward

Many suggested OP start looking for a new job. In the meantime, it’s time to quiet quit, only providing the bare minimum they were hired for. 

At the next job, OP needs to always get feedback in writing. The best tactic is writing a follow-up email after receiving feedback, outlining what was addressed, and highlighting the positive remarks. Though the boss may not respond, they’ll have a paper trail. Pro tip: Blind copy your personal email address. 

Never Trust These Promises

OP’s situation serves as a glaring reminder that we can never take our bosses for their word. Managers act as corporate stooges. They love holding the modicum of power they have over their staff and flexing that power whenever they can. 

They’ll say and do anything to get the desired results, even if it means lying, manipulating, and cheating the very people who work for them. 

And they wonder why no one wants to work anymore

Source: Reddit