Boss Hates Paid Vacation for Workers, but Loves it for Himself

Companies squander money in millions of brilliant ways, but bosses never look at their genuinely wasteful actions. Instead, they blame the laborers whose hard work brings in profit. 

One employee was having a casual conversation with a boss on workers’ rights and discovered that their boss hates the idea of paid time off. 

Paid Time Off is a Waste

The Original Poster (OP) explained that their boss is American, managing an international company. OP lives and works outside the US. 

OP shared that their country mandates paid time off. 

You work a year and get 12 Days off with pay. The amount of days increases every year,” said OP. 

They discussed this system with their boss and discovered the boss’s aversion to workers’ rights. 

“He told me he thinks thats just a waste of money and time, that he can’t fire people for taking days off, and it sucks because you are (giving) money away for…free,” shared OP. 

Boss Loves American Work Culture

The boss took it a step forward and said they love that in the US, they can fire folks at any time for no reason. 

“He says in the US I can fire you if I don’t like you, and I think that’s pretty great, unlike here,” said OP, repeating what the boss said. 

But Hates It When It Hurts Him

OP’s boss then showed everyone what a giant hypocrite he is. As it turns out, he only hates paid time off when other people get it. 

In the same breath, the boss also said, “We don’t get paid days off, which sucks because they are way behind in times.”

So the boss wants his employer to offer paid vacation but thinks it’s a giant waste of money when he has to provide paid leave to his staff. 

Boss Wrong About PTO

The boss is wrong about paid time off as a waste. Employees with better work-life balance are happier and more productive overall. 

“You’re paying to keep your employees functioning for longer,” said one user. 

“Pretty sure there are studies that show how important vacation is to general production. If you work people to death, their work will suffer,” stated another. 

And He’s Horrible

The boss’s true attitude sneaked through when he said he wanted paid time off but hated the idea of paying employees for time they weren’t working. 

He clearly doesn’t see workers as equals and thinks they don’t deserve time away. There’s a name for that. 

“In this man’s mind, other people are not human. They are resources that exist only to serve his purposes. He 100% would reinstate slavery if he could,” said one user. 

The US is So Far Behind Other Countries

Users from around the world expressed gratitude for their worker protection, thankful they don’t live in a dystopia like the States

“In New Zealand, we get 4 weeks paid off each year…. America is NOT the land of the free, it’s the land of the oppressed. Unless you’re rich,” shared one. 

“Almost all European countries have a statutory minimum of 20 days paid leave per year,” added another. 

“Almost every other country in the world has a government that demands workers have the right to paid days off,” said a third, showcasing how far behind the US is regarding workers’ rights. 

Why Don’t People Want To Work?

This short story showcases one of the reasons Americans no longer find value in work. Toxic bosses think they don’t deserve a break. They’d rather fire an employee than allow them to take time off. 

American work culture prioritizes short-term profits above all else, including employee wellness and sustainability. 

The situation is untenable, and we can see that with more and more workers quiet quitting or opting out of the workforce altogether. 

Source: Reddit

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