Company Expects Employee To Return To Work Immediately After Medical Emergency

Your company doesn’t care about you. They only care about sucking as much life, energy, and production from you as physically possible before dumping your desiccated corpse out back when it’s no longer useful. 

One man’s story highlights how little these companies think about the humans they employ. 

A Severe Heart Attack

The Original Poster (OP) shared they suffered a massive heart attack. Doctors saved their life, but their heart still pumps at 25%. They’re always tired and need numerous naps to replenish their energy. 

Doctors Recommend Rest

Due to the severity of the heart attack, OP’s doctor recommends three months of rest and recuperation. The Cardiologist agrees. 

HR stands proud as the one outlier, demanding OP return to work immediately. They think OP should already be working. 

Office Work is Relaxing

Part of the problem lies in the medical note. The doctors issued the standard “can’t lift, push, pull, or carry” note. 

HR thinks that they can work since OP works in an office and doesn’t have to “lift, push, pull, or carry” during a typical day. 

HR also thinks OP can drive to work every day despite using a personal defibrillator, which prevents them from driving. 

They Don’t Have To Pay

While navigating their health and employment, OP made a startling realization. Though they can take up to 12 weeks off under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the company doesn’t have to pay them. 

That means OP might have a horrifying choice. They can use the 12 weeks of FMLA to heal as the doctors recommend, or they can make the money they need to survive. 

They can’t have both. 

OP Barely Surviving

Luckily, OP has enough socked away for a rainy day to survive three months without a paycheck. They maxed out their out-of-pocket medical expenses, so they don’t have to pay any more for further treatment. 

They’re also filing for short-term disability to fill in any gaps. 

Situation Highlights Sad State of US

OP’s situation showcases the awful state of US policies, and make no mistake, these are policy decisions. 

The government could afford to implement a paid sick leave program like every other Western country on the planet. It could provide universal healthcare, so OP wouldn’t have to worry about maxing out their annual deductible. 

The US government chooses not to fund these things. 

Company Doesn’t Care Either

Companies could also step up and treat their employees right, but they don’t. They’d rather OP have a heart attack at work and die than give him the time he clearly needs to fully heal. 

They don’t care about you. They don’t care about any of us. 

It’s time to vote with our dollars. Find politicians who will demand change and only shop at companies that treat their employees like human beings. 

Together, we can make an impact.