Valued Employee Makes Too Much Money for Big Wigs

Far too many businesses make short-sighted moves to save money, hurting themselves in the long run. 

They’ll cut staff, overwork those left behind, and refuse to pay for essential upkeep and maintenance to save a few bucks. 

Forcing Out the MVP

One employee came to Reddit baffled that their company wants to force out the best employee simply because he “makes too much.”

The Original Poster (OP) said they work in a warehouse and found out their upper managers want to eliminate the guy who supervises the warehouse staff, giving the job to OP instead (for less pay, we’re assuming). 

A Great Employee

OP says the current supervisor is fantastic. He’s got over 20 years of experience, the staff loves him, and he ensures the job is done right every day. This guy is an ideal employee. 

But apparently, that’s not enough for the corporate bigwigs who do not know what it takes to run the warehouse. 

Trying to Force Him Out

Someone slyly showed OP the emails where management discussed the worker’s fate. They decided he earns too much money, which cuts into their profits, and they’re trying to force him out. 

The emails showed management wants to replace this rockstar with OP, but OP reports that nobody officially discussed the transition with them. All OP’s information is from the whistle-blowing email they saw. 

OP Lost and Confused

Before seeing these emails, OP felt great about their company. 

This is the first company I’ve worked for that has run seamlessly and doesn’t have any drama,” they reported. 

But now, they’re depressed and unable to comprehend how a seemingly decent company could do something like this to such a valuable employee. 

OP came to Reddit at a loss for what to do. 

Tell Him

Redditor users advised OP to tell the excellent employee what they saw. Warning the employee will allow him to find a new job before getting forced out, making the transition easier. 

“Your coworker sounds like a trustworthy guy and would have no reason to cross you on this. The more time he has to plan the better it is for him,” said one. 

Find a New Job Yourself

The second part is finding a new job. This place showed its true colors. If the company is willing to force out someone so valuable, they’ll have no qualms about forcing OP out, too. 

In addition, even though warning the fellow is the right thing to do, there’s no guarantee he won’t say something that may come back to OP. 

It’s best to find a new job before warning him to protect yourself from retaliation. 

Everyone Will Be Mad

If OP accepts the position, they must brace themselves for the worker’s fury. People will see the truth behind the replacement, and many may blame OP for taking the job of someone they respect. 

Workers may revolt. Although they’ll probably still come to work, they likely won’t show OP the same respect they showed their previous boss. 


Other users advised OP and the crew to organize. OP can take this information to the at-risk employee and the entire staff. They may see how little the company cares for them and decide to organize independently. 

OP Protects Employee

OP loves their job, so they decided that the best course of action right now is to protect the employee. Technically, they’re already in a supervisory position over him, so OP will write a letter of commendation and reject the plan if and when it’s brought forth through official channels. 

In the meantime, they’ll protect themselves and the employees by looking for new work and recommending they do the same. 

Source: Reddit