Boss Says Low Wage Employee Doesn’t Deserve Window

Bad managers revel in their tiny power trips. They’ll do anything to make themselves feel superior to the lowly employees they manage. 

One employee came to Reddit venting after a particularly baffling interaction with their boss, who claimed they weren’t good enough for sunlight. 

Two Empty Offices

The Original Poster (OP) shared that they work as an administrative assistant at a facility that receives no visitors. 

OP started at the cold receptionist desk, bathed in a pool of depressing fluorescent light. Due to some employee movement, the office had two vacant offices, both of which had windows. 

OP said they had numerous casual conversations with their boss about moving to one of the offices, and although they didn’t get anything in writing, there was no indication that the boss was against the move. 

My boss seemed casual about it and would chime in things like “I don’t see why not,” which gave me the impression that it was fine to move and that she couldn’t care less,” explained OP. 

Moving To a Better Space

After OP helped a colleague move offices, they decided to set up shop in an empty one based on those casual conversations. 

It was so nice to be out of the harsh overhead lighting, actually know what the weather is, be able to track the passing of time, have circulating air,” said OP, describing the new space. 

Boss Throws a Fit

The boss was working remotely during the transition, so she didn’t know OP had moved until a few days had passed. 

When she returned, she threw a fit. 

She sent a nastygram deriding OP for daring to move without permission, clearly forgetting all the previous conversations. 

OP Doesn’t Deserve An Office

The boss’s main complaint is that OP’s position isn’t worthy of the “good” office. 

“She said the office I moved into is the nicer of the two vacant ones (they look exactly the same to me) and “slated above my position” and that if I were to receive an office, it would be the “other” one, “but even that would warrant further thought,” shared OP. 

The boss then demanded that OP return to the demoralizing reception area. 

Back at the Reception Desk

OP moved back to the reception desk while the other two offices sat vacant. They didn’t ask for advice but were merely venting at the ridiculous behavior portrayed by the boss as a symptom of the greater work culture where managers don’t see their employees as people. 


Reddit users commiserated. Many advised OP to quit so the company would have three empty desks rather than two. 

Of course, that advice doesn’t consider OP’s bills. We don’t know if they can afford to quit without another job lined up. We hope they start looking, though!


Many pointed out the manager’s shameful behavior and choice of words. 

“How do they even look at themselves in the mirror without feeling great shame?” asked one incredulous user. 

“They will always treat you like it’s above you. It’s a window. You’re a human nothing is above you,” said another. 

Office = Status

Some companies use the prestige of your own office as a fringe benefit to entice employees away from raises and bonuses. 

In a world where having an office means status, employees vie over the most prestigious space. 

However, the concept of equating a fancy office to status is outdated as the concept of offices. The true mark of status is the ability to work from home, and companies should prioritize employee comfort over meaningless status symbols. 

Why leave offices vacant when filling them would improve the wellness of employees forced to report to the office?

Forcing employees to fight each other over meager scraps like “who gets the better office” only benefits bosses. Instead, employees must band together and focus on what really matters: better wages and improved work-life balance. 

Source: Reddit

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