Why Barista Fire is the Fire for me!

"barista fire"

There are so many different ways to be financially independent. Lot’s of people are pursuing lean fire, retiring off of less than 40K per years. Others are looking at Fat fire, being financially independent with tons of money to do whatever they want. I wrote an article about all the different types of fire in the long ago, but  after careful consideration, I’ve decided that barista fire is the fire for me.

What is Barista Fire?

Barista Fire is a form of financial independence where you don’t actually quit working. You do get to quit your high stress job, so that’s a win, right? With Barista Fire, you still work, but at an easy, low stress job; or at a job that you’re passionate about but that wouldn’t pay the bills under other circumstances. Barista fire is a step between being financially independent and being tied to a job.


 There are tons of advantages to being Barista Fire.  One of the biggest ones is the benefits.  Granted, most companies don’t offer benefits to part time employees, but Starbucks does! There are tons of other companies that offer benefits to part time employees as well. You can find a short list of these companies here. This is a great place to start if you’re only hanging onto your high stress job for the benefits.

Another benefit is that you keep money coming in. Even with solid investments, it can be terrifying to quit a high paying job. Barista Fire can help you bridge that gap. It can give you a little piece of mind. Obviously, you won’t be making as much as you did before (that’s the whole point, right?) but having a little bit of income coming in would be a great way to ease your worries about the next financial downturn. You might even be able to find a part time job that pays most of your living expenses, so you wouldn’t have to withdraw anything from your investments in bad years! 

But the biggest advantage to being Barista fire is that it gives you the opportunity to explore your passions!  If you are interested in the Arts, you can work part time at an art museum. Love kids? Work at a day care or as a tutor. You can even work part time at a job you don’t necessarily like to have time to do other things in your newfound free time; such as work on your side hustles or volunteer. Being barista fire can give you a lot of freedom.

Why I want to Be Barista Fire

I want to be Barista Fire because not working was never one of my goals. I don’t really want to retire in the traditional sense. I want to work. But here’s the catch:  I want to work at things that I’m passionate about. I would love to be a zookeeper; but they only make about ten bucks an hour! That’s not going to cut it for me until I achieve Barista Fire. I also want to work on all of my side projects and my bucket list (I mentioned all of those things when I wrote a post on why I want to pursue fire – I have way too many life goals!).

Is Barista Fire the Fire for you?

Whether or not Barista Fire is right for you depends on a whole lot of things. The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether or not you want to work in retirement. Some people don’t want to work at all, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Some people like working, and that’s fine too! Another thing you should consider is how badly you need to quit your job. If your job offers a high income in return for a terrible work/life balance or is detrimental to your mental or physical well being, you may want to quit sooner rather than later. Money isn’t everything, and if your job is hurting you, Barista fire might be a better option.

On the other hand, if you hate your job because you hate the entire idea of working, barista fire probably isn’t right for you. Why trade one job you hate for a lower paying job that you also hate? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. In that case, it might be better to stay at the high paying job long enough to achieve financial independence in the traditional sense.

If you aren’t sure about being financially independent, Barista fire might be an excellent option for you. You get to dip your toes in, but you don’t have to dive in if you don’t want to. Like I said before, it’s an excellent way to bridge the gap between working full time and taking the plunge into financial independence.

Are you going to pursue barista fire? Tell me why or why not in the comments!


"barista fire"
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Author: melanie

12 thoughts on “Why Barista Fire is the Fire for me!

  1. I like the idea of barista FIRE, but since retiring we are never in one place long enough to work. Then again, our plan was always to travel and that’s what we do. In a way, I suppose our barista work is overseeing rental properties. There is always stuff to be fixed or spruced up and when we can, we like to do this ourselves.

    1. I’d definitely consider that a type of barista fire. You are still working part time, and you use that income to fund your lifestyle. I think the concept of barista fire is so wide that it can be used for a lot of situations.

  2. I kind of thought barista fire was when you could generate maybe $20k from investments or passive income so you’d still have to work enough to earn another $20k. I’m very fat FIRE but choose to work a day or two a week for entertainment and to keep my network alive and for social contact. So I guess that really is a firm of batista fire! I think most people will work some for all the reasons you described so well in this very interesting post.

    1. Yeah I think the point of Barista Fire is that you still have to work, but it doesn’t have to be full time or stressful. I think there are lots of different ways to think about that and to achieve it though. I definitely would consider working for networking opportunities and social contact a form of Barista Fire…there’s not rule that says you have to work for the money! Thanks for stopping by!

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