11 Crazy Fads We All Loved then Promptly Dropped

We’ve all looked back at old photos and cringed. Can you believe you thought that was cool?

Here are some long forgotten trends we all once obsessed over. 

Purposeful Misspellings

Fat grey cat who looks like the cat from the "i can haz cheezbugr" meme.
Photo Credit: sanja_ol via Shutterstock.com.

Some of us thought it was cool to misspell words in a text and on memes. The trend started with cat memes, like the favorite “I can haz cheezburgr” but some folks ran with it in their daily lives.

A commenter received 1500 upvotes by admitting they used to think it was cool to spell things so horribly. I can only guess they’re shaking their head in shame while looking back.

Mullets and Shoulder Pads

Middle aged man rocking a mullet.
Photo Credit: Sarah J Lee via Shutterstock.com.

Many look back on eighties fashion and cringe. What were people thinking with the mullets, acid wash, shoulder pads, and neon?

Most of the fashion experiments of the eighties are long retired, but some of us worry they’re making a comeback.


Middle aged woman dabbing on the beach.
Photo Credit: melissamn via Shutterstock.com.

There are so many internet dance trends that will make us all cringe in the future, and dabbing is one of the top choices.

Millions of people threw their arms up and face down everywhere they went to score some momentary internet fame. Seeing old photos and videos of the dab in action makes us wonder why we were so obsessed with it.


Woman using her phone with social media icons floating out of it. She also has a laptop open.
Photo Credit: 13_Phunkod via Shutterstock.com.

Are people over Facebook? Apparently, some are, though they long for the days of Myspace, which makes more sense for a trend that used to be cool.

Though, the millennials do have a point. Facebook was a great platform when it was a way to connect with your college friends. Once the Boomers joined, it delved into a toxic cesspool of fake news and politicization.

Spiked Hair

Close up of spiked hair with frosted tips..
Photo Credit: Jennifer Westmoreland via Shutterstock.com.

Spiked hair with frosty tips was the epitome of cool in the late nineties/early 2000s. The style came from the rise of pop-punk bands and skater culture, but soon, teenagers around the US were copying the style.

Some Redditors disagreed on the cringe factor, admitting they still spike their hair and love the look.

The Whip

Silhouettes dancing in a choreographed dance.
Photo Credit: UfaBizPhoto via Shutterstock.com.

Watch me whip, watch me Nae Nae was another popular dance trend that thankfully went the way of the dab. Every wedding, gym class, and dance party had to include a whip, which was so overrated even then.

Redditors mentioned that the whip is being integrated into modern choreography, so it will never truly fade, but at least it isn’t in every TikTok anymore.

Fidget Spinners

Child's hand holding a red fidget spinner on a dark background.
Photo Credit: Chad Robertson Media via Shutterstock.com.

FIve years ago, everyone needed a fidget spinner. Today, only people who actually need them to stay focused use them. 


Close up of a woman's torso showing that she's wearing four layers of clothing.
Photo Credit: Red Herring via Shutterstock.com.

Although one Redditor insisted that wearing tank tops under your t-shirt to create a layered effect is cringe, others insisted it’s still in style.

The consensus is that when done for comfort and unnoticeable, it’s perfectly fine, but when done to show off multiple colored shirts, it’s totally cringe. Some admitted they still do it, though.

The Lowest Rise Jeans

Close up of a woman's thumb looped into the belt loop of her low rise jeans in black and white.
Photo Credit: Regina Chayer via Shutterstock.com.

Is the trend of low-cut jeans that don’t cover your rear end coming to a close? One Redditor said they look back at jeans that left little to the imagination and cringe.

Unfortunately, kids these days may not have gotten the memo. As one Redditor pointed out, they still see teenagers walking around with exposed undergarments. One day those kids will look back and cringe too.

Damn, Daniel

Shocked man looking at his phone.
Photo Credit: Cast Of Thousands via Shutterstock.com.

What’s more cringe than constantly repeating a line from a viral video? Daniel was thrust into the spotlight with internet videos showing his fabulous fashion sense.

The internet sensation spawned a meme, but thankfully the fad was short-lived.

Elon Musk

Silhouette of Elon Musk over the Twitter icon.
Photo Credit: kovop via Shutterstock.com.

Elon Musk used to be the trendy god. People worshipped him as an inspirational mind and the man who would bring us into the future. Then he bought Twitter and couldn’t keep his mouth closed, showing everyone who he really is. Though some people still adore him, most wish he’d go away. 

Everything We Did as Teenagers

Diverse group of teenagers hanging out outside.
Photo Credit: oneinchpunch via Shutterstock.com.

We sometimes forget that teenagers are still kids and prone to making cringe decisions. Once we’re older, we often look back at the things we adored as teenagers and wonder. “Why did I ever like this?”.

One Redditor said that having their own teenage children made them realize how ridiculous most trends aimed at teens are. The generalized comment spoke to many users, receiving nearly 4000 upvotes.

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