2019 goals recap

2019 Goals Recap

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With 2019 at an end, it’s a great time to look back and see whether we accomplished our goals for the year. I know these goals recap posts probably aren’t the most engaging – who cares whether some random blogger achieved her yearly goals? But I care, and it helps me understand my own personal growth, so here we are. Also, isn’t it fun to read about other people’s epic failures?

2019 Goals Recap

Being Happy

My first goal for 2019 was just to be happy. Although I had a few downs this year (my cat losing his leg was probably the worst) I can honestly say that I was pretty happy for most of the year. I had a few opportunities to revisit with old friends who really helped me understand my self and what I want out of life. These visits helped me understand my journey to passion fire, and motivated me even more to go after it. I love having such a supportive group of friends in my life.

In addition to that, I made a ton of new friends on Twitter, and met a bunch of them in real life at Fincon. Going to that conference was one of the best decisions of my life. It helped me understand the blogging world a little more, and gave me renewed passion for my blogging journey.

All of these things – having awesome friendships, rediscovering my passions, and getting positive feedback and motivation for my blog contributed to my overall happiness in 2019. It’s the only goal I achieved, but I’ll take that as a win.

Other Personal Goals

My other personal goals had varying degrees of success. I did buy a house, and renovated the first floor (and by floor, I literally mean the floor). I was hoping to renovate more of it in 2019, but unfortunately other things came up and the renovation took a back seat.

Another personal goal was to eat healthy. I did buy the healthy meal planning bundle on Ultimate Bundles, and found a ton of awesome recipes on it (my favorite is the lentil sausage skillet – so good!). If there’s a 2020 bundle, you definitely need to get it. It helped me plan cheap, easy meals over the year – without sacrificing on flavor.

"2019 goals recap"
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My final personal goal was to maintain my relationship. Well, we all know how that went. I loved the person that he pretended to be. Fortunately, the stress of the first few months in the new house showed me who he really was.  He refused to put any effort into anything. He only wanted me to take care of him. It was easy for him to pretend to love me when I was taking care of everything. He showed his true colors when I expected him to step up and contribute.  I’m thankful for the stress, and that the relationship ended. I don’t want to be with a user. 

This relationship failure did teach me a very valuable lesson though. I need to stop giving all of myself early on in relationships. I’ve been taken advantage of twice now as the breadwinner, and it’s mostly because I give and give without laying out expectations of reciprocation. Relationships need to be two- way streets. If someone refuses to contribute and only wants to be with you when you are doing stuff for them, it’s probably not a good relationship.

Money Goals

My money goals for 2019 were pretty much all epic failures. I really wanted to pay off my credit card debt and get twenty thousand dollars back into my emergency fund. Those goals are hilarious to me now. I was so naïve.

Instead I spent over four thousand dollars on my cat’s leg, and another couple of thousands of dollars on “surprise” house things that needed fixing. Backed up sewers, leaking bathrooms, and non-working furnaces are nobody’s friends. I also learned how incredibly expensive heating a huge house is. Paying over five hundred dollars a month just on heating the first few months was painful (though I figured out great ways to cut that down this year!). No wonder why I didn’t get to any of my renovations.

I did achieve my final money goal though, which was simply to keep investing. That one was easy, because it was on autopilot.  I’m glad I kept those going, the stock market hit some record highs this year and those investments are a large part of my net worth.

Blog Goals

One amazing blog goal that I achieved this year was increasing my readership. At the end of last year, I had rarely hit 1000 users per month. But this year, I hit that number pretty much every month! I was even inching close to 2K per month before my reach on Pinterest inexplicably dropped. But, even with that drop off, I’ve still had over a thousand people visiting each month, which I think is awesome.

While I succeeded at that awesome readership goal, I failed at pretty much all of my social media goals. I don’t know how I managed to get over 3500 Twitter followers in my first year,  and only a little over a thousand in year two. Admittingly, I wasn’t looking for cool accounts to follow nearly as much this year, and I probably wasn’t as active on the platform. However, I’m fairly certain I can accomplish the goal of 5000 followers in 2020. I didn’t do anything with Facebook, so I saw no growth on that platform. I tried for a few days here and there, but I know that isn’t nearly enough to make a dedicated following.

Instagram wasn’t much better. I did try harder on Instagram than I did on Facebook, and I have nearly two thousand followers on the platform, but that’s not enough to get the coveted “swipe up” feature or sponsorships.

Lessons Learned from my 2019 Goal Failures

Failing at a goal can be just as educational as achieving it. I learned that if I’m going to have an ambitious goal (like 10K Instagram followers) I need to work on it basically every day. And if I’m not motivated enough to do that, it probably shouldn’t be a goal.

I also learned how extremely naïve I was about buying a fixer upper. The inspection reports can’t be trusted to tell you everything that is wrong. In addition, it costs way more than I anticipated to fix things. I thought I’d be able to do more myself, but I realized how lost I am when it comes to home improvement. But hey, that’s one dream I can knock off my bucket list and decide not to do again! Yay for life experiences!

But I did also learn something from my goal successes. Being happy is the most important goal of all, and I nailed that one.

What did you learn in 2019? Did you achieve any of your goals?

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