Hyped Up and Worth It: 10 Things That Exceeded Expectations

Most things the media hypes up end in disappointment. We get so excited about movies, scientific theories, or new tech, only to be let down by the result. 

But that’s not always the case. Some hyped-up things are even better than we ever could have expected! 

While enjoying the R/askreddit community, I found a thread asking users to share some things that lived up to their hype. 

Here are some of the top responses. 

Google Earth

Released over 20 years ago, Google Earth sought to showcase the tech of the future, and it succeeded. 

First time I loaded up Google Earth on a tablet, I knew I had officially reached ‘living in the future’ status,” said one user. 

“One of the neatest things ever for me was in Japan when a bunch of the expats got together, and we were taking turns searching up our hometowns in VR with Google Earth to show where we grew up. I remember just taking in what a nice use for technology it was,” shared another. 

Total Solar Eclipse

Scientists get super excited over natural phenomena, but the rest of us somethings think, “Meh.” The total solar eclipse was super hyped in scientific communities, and average folks who witnessed it finally understood where they were coming from. 

“I thought the hype was overblown until I saw it. Now I want to travel to the next one.” said one user. 

“I am a space nerd at heart, but I saw the 2017 eclipse from the top of a mountain in Oregon, and it was absolutely mind-blowing,”  replied another. 

The Internet

No one living in the early 90s could have possibly imagined the massive changes ushered in by the internet. When first developed, it was hyped as a way to connect everyone worldwide, and it completely blew away everyone’s expectations. 

“The internet lived up to, exceeded, and completely and exponentially obliterated its hype,” stated one user. 

“The rise of internet and computer technology would be unbelievable if I didn’t grow up with a front-row seat,” replied another. 

The Milky Way

Light pollution blocks most of us from enjoying the spectacular beauty of the cosmos. We shrug it off, thinking it’s just a couple of stars, but users who managed to see the show in its glory say it far exceeds the hype. 

One user said they cried after an eight-hour trip into the desert to view the unpolluted night sky. 

“I saw the Milky Way for the first time on the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The whole thing was surreal,” said another. 

The Northern Lights

The aurora borealis gets a ton of hype. Tourism industries in northern communities offer viewing tours and windowed hotel rooms, promising visitors a life-changing experience. 

They’re right. 

One user described the live show in excellent detail. “When they really light up, you can see all the colors with your eyes,” they began. “They are bright enough to light up the ground, especially with snow reflection. And the way they move. It’s like they are dancing.”

Polio Vaccine

The polio vaccine changed the world. One user said Polio had a 6% mortality rate in children, which doesn’t include the kids permanently disabled by the virus. The vaccine basically wiped the Polio off the planet, allowing kids to live happy, healthy lives. 

“The vaccine itself, when produced properly, was, in fact, wildly successful, but the campaign to get every child in the country vaccinated within a couple of years was perhaps even more spectacular. It’s a great story,” said one user. 


People with bidets love them, but they never took off in the States. 

Users who’ve used them won’t go back, saying they definitely live up to the hype. 

“I realized as the water cleansed my parts that I felt really clean, pretty much to the point where you barely need to wipe. I also realized how filthy most people are all the time if I am this cleansed,” shared one user, explaining how much they love bidets. 

“I’ve converted a few friends. Hail the blessed bidet,” replied another. 

The Breaking Bad Finale

Hyped-up television events often fail to deliver, but one user said the Breaking Bad series finale lived up to all expectations. 

“Best TV show ever,” said one user. “Breaking Bad will take a long time to be beaten.”

“This is so true,” responded another. “The whole series was just amazing. Peak television.”

The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: A New Hope changed theater forever. The sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, had huge shoes to fill, and it far suppressed anything anyone could have imagined. 

“It had to compare to and surpass one of the original blockbuster movies, one of the most popular movies of all time. And it just… did. And it set a standard that no other Star Wars movie has been able to surpass since,” shared one user. 

Another user noted that it didn’t actually live up to its hype at the time. Although it’s now celebrated as one of the best in the franchise, when it first came out, many hated the cliffhanger and thought it didn’t live up to the first one. 

LeBron James

Lots of sports prodigies fizzle out before they achieve greatness. Lebron James met and exceeded all the hype of his early career. 

“He had reporters telling him to his face while he was still in high school that if he was “only” an all-star player, he would be considered a bust,” said one user. “For him to have the expectations he had and to now be essentially a consensus top 3 player to ever play the sport and still scoring 29 points per game at 38 years old… it’s really unbelievable,” they added. 

“This was my legit first thought,” responded another. “I’m a HUGE Jordan fan, and he will forever be the G.O.A.T, but d*mn if LeBron didn’t live up to and surpass the hype brought upon him.”

What Else Lives Up to The Hype?

Redditors shared new technology, movies, and even people that exceeded all our expectations. Do you agree with their comments

What else would you say turned out far better than anyone would have thought?