Older, Wiser, and Boring: Top Things That Don’t Sound Fun Anymore Now That We’re Older

Young people approach life with a go-getter attitude, saying yes to everything and enjoying the ride. As we age, the thrill fades, and the things we used to love don’t seem exciting anymore. Here are the top things that lose their appeal as we get older. 

Leaving the House

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The top response received a Reddit Gold award and over 8,000 upvotes. The user responded by saying, “Anything that takes place outside my house.”

It makes sense. When we’re young, our homes aren’t typically ours. We live with our parents, then roommates, and then ourselves in tiny shoebox apartments. As we age, we create our homes precisely how we want them. Why would we want to leave?

Grocery Stores

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One user’s response was something no one ever liked, but that gets worse the older we get. 

“When they rearrange the grocery store,” the user shared, as something they dislike more and more as they age. 

Many users agreed, saying the new looks seldom even make sense. “The grocery store near me recently rearranged, and suddenly the peanut butter was in the aisle with the ketchup instead of over by the jams and jellies,” shared one, baffled by the new arrangement. 


three mean people, a woman in front and two men behind her.
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Our disklike of people grows with each passing day. Young people can live in blissful naivety, looking at the best in humanity, but as we get older, we discover the bitter truth. People are the worst. 

“The majority are two-faced and snakey. Maybe I’m jaded, but it’s a hard push to find someone with genuine intentions. People suck,” stated one user. 


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When you’re young and energetic, hustling seems like the obvious choice. Young folks spend all their time working to build their wealth for the future.  As we age, working long hours loses its appeal. 

“Yeah. I don’t want to rise and grind. I want to rise and immediately go back to bed,” said another. 

Hustle Culture

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It’s not just hustling at the normal job. Young folks don’t mind working a 9 to 5 and then coming home to work on their own business. Unfortunately, with hustle culture becoming the norm, people need these side gigs to survive. 

Older folks aren’t into it. One user said they’ve come to dislike “The idea of needing to “hustle” to have a decent life.” 

Not Sleeping

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When we were in our early 20s, it was easy to head out to the bars until 1 am, get up at 5, work for the whole day, and do it all again. 

As we age, the idea of staying out all night loses its appeal, especially the part about not sleeping. 

Late Night Activities

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As we age, we learn how vital sleep is and scorn the late-night activities we used to love. 

One user shared their inner thoughts about seeing a late-night act. “I love house music,” they shared, saying they always want to grab tickets to see famous DJs whenever they roll into town. “But after spending money and skipping a few shows because reality set in, I’ve finally admitted waiting until 1 am for them to come on, then getting home at like 3 or 4 am… is just out of my realm now,” they added. 


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Those late-night concerts are automatic nos for many of us now because they’re too dang loud. Noises we used to tolerate now drive us crazy. 

Users in the thread mentioned loud car exhaust systems, boom box stereos, and gas leaf blowers as examples of things they’ve grown to hate due to the obnoxious noise. 

Getting Older

Older man holding his back as if it hurts.
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Kids long to become teenagers, teenagers can’t wait until they’re adults, and adults want to go back to being kids. 

When we’re younger, we can’t wait to get older, but as we age, we begin to wonder why we take the youth for granted. 

“Kid me wanted to be an adult so bad,” shared one user. “I miss not having crippling debt and back pain.”


Woman using her phone with social media icons floating out of it. She also has a laptop open.
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Remember when Facebook was cool? The millennial generation loved Facebook when it first appeared on college campuses nationwide. It was a great way to connect with friends in the new online world. 

The older we get, the more we realize how awful Facebook is. Sure, we can keep in touch with old friends, but it’s also a cesspool of toxic opinions and propaganda. 

A Large Friend Group

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When you’re younger, a large friend group means you’re popular and have many weekend activity options. 

As you age, you realize that quality is much more valuable than quantity regarding friendships. 

“The two or three really good friends I have are all I really need. They are so amazing, and I’m so lucky to have them in my life!!” said one user. 

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