new year's goals for 2020

New Year’s Goals for 2020

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Happy New Year! I’ve decided to outline my new year’s goals for 2020 (as is tradition) so I can hold myself accountable and laugh at my failures come December. I mean, it’s kind of expected at this point, isn’t it?

But just because I’ve failed at a few goals every year, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. It doesn’t mean I should give up and just not set goals. Each and every one of my failures has taught me something – whether it be about my naivety or about my true motivations. I don’t take any of my goal failures as actual failures; I consider them learning experiences. So, without further ado, here are my New Year’s goals for 2020.

New Year’s Goals for 2020

Be Happy

If you noticed, this was my top goal of 2019 as well. And it was on of the few goals I actually achieved! Go Me! But in all seriousness, it’s an important goal. My life, my quest for financial independence – its not really about money. It’s about happiness. It’s about enjoying my life, living my dreams, and exploring my passions. In the end, it’s mostly about being happy. That’s what makes a rich life.

goals for 2020
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Luckily, I’ve been crushing this goal lately. I’m finding happiness in my old passions, like creating art and writing. I’m enjoying the coziness of a lazy night at home dedicated to video games and cats, and finding culinary bliss in home cooked meals. I have no intention of stopping any of this in 2020, so I’m guessing this will be an easy goal to achieve.

Life Goals for 2020

This year is going to be the year of passion fire. No, I won’t be able to quit my job and work on my passions full time, but I’m going to set that shit up! I have so many projects that I want to work on that I’ve been putting off because I’m tired, or it costs a bit of money, or insert your excuse here. Instead I work on this blog (which I love, and I’m happy that I’ve found the motivation to stick with it!) and spend my free time being bored on Reddit.

Why? I waste so many freaking hours on Reddit. It’s so bad that I even have the wonderful Purple, from A Purple Life, giving me weekly Twitter reminders to get my butt off Reddit and get working on something that actually matters (please don’t ever stop Purple, I need you!).

The point is, I actually do have time. And when I say I don’t, I’m just being lazy. But that’s going to change this year, and I’m going to use the free time I have to be productive. And to me, productivity means accomplishing three major goals that will put me on the clear path to Passion Fire.

Write a Book

A lofty goal indeed. My goal is to write a non-fiction book that’s kind of in line with my blog by the end of the year. Mind you – I didn’t say anything about getting it published – this year’s goal is to simply write it.

To achieve that goal, I’ve set myself up with a 1000 word a day challenge. I need to get 1000 words on paper every work day (hey, everyone needs a break!). At that rate, it will take me 50 days to write 50,000 words – which is enough for a non-fiction book! Since I’m only working on it 5 days a week, I imagine I’ll finish in about three months – so by the end of March. That will give me plenty of time to edit it and then send it to my editing team (my boyfriend is an English major – what luck!).

Maybe, if I get it written and edited, I will give publishing a chance. But, as I learned with my other goal failures, I don’t want to get too intense. I want my goals to be achievable, so I’m going to stick to getting it written as a goal. If I accomplish anything else, it will be a bonus.

Sell a Painting

Art is one of my many passions. Man how I would love to get paid to create art! I’ve sold two paintings in my life, so I know it’s doable. Unfortunately, art is one of those passions I’ve been slacking on for the past few years.

However, now that I have a boyfriend who loves art just as much as I do (more, if we’re being honest), I have renewed motivation to work on my art. He’s already taught me so much about color theory, technique, and my abilities as an artist, and I want to continue that motivation into the new year.

We created an Instagram account specifically for our artwork (check us out at Crooked Veil!) and we are going to create a website for it as well.  We’ve also discovered an awesome little art center and community right here in our own small town! In order to be an artist there, we have to be “judged in” and have to do some service to the art center. It’s daunting to put your art on display in that way and have someone else decide whether you are good enough, but I have faith that we will make the cut. Currently, we are working on some amazing pieces to give to the review board to secure our membership.

I think that if we get into the art center and keep an active social media profile, we’ll definitely be able to sell a few paintings this year. Most of them will be his, because he’s just amazing, but I’m sure I can ride his coattails and sell one or two.

Make Money Blogging

My third life goal for 2020 is to turn my love of blogging into a successful venture. I know that will be difficult with Partners in Fire, because most of my ideas about financial independence don’t really lend themselves to affiliates. Some of the finance bloggers have done it, and more power to them, but I haven’t cracked the code. I’m still going to try this year, and I’m hoping to increase my page views and hopefully double my income yet again, but I’m not putting all my eggs into this basket.


I started a new blog. The sole purpose of my new project is to make money via affiliate marketing. It’s brand new, so I haven’t had much traffic to it yet (I got it up and running in November, so December is month 1, and I’ve had like 10 views). My niche for this blog is Pajamas. I love pajamas, and I don’t think I’ve seen many lifestyle blogs dedicated to that particular subset of fashion. Since it’s not a “your money or your life” type of niche, I imagine it will be easier to appease the SEO gods. So I’m pumping out content, trying to build some back links (like this one) and I’m hoping I’ll start to see decent traffic in about six months. At the very least, it will be an educational experience.

Relationship Goals

Every year I set relationship goals, and every year that relationship has ended within six months. I’m kind of noticing a trend here. So, I don’t have any relationship goals for 2020. I’ll try to be the best person I can be in my relationship, but whatever happens will happen.

Financial Goals for 2020

I generally fail at my financial goals as well. That might be because I set lofty goals. Increase my savings by 20K – oh man that’s hilarious! I’m going to try to be a bit more realistic this year.

House Remodel

My biggest financial goal of the year is going to be remodeling some of this old house. That might not seem like a financial goal on it’s face, but remodeling a house is insanely expensive, so it really does come down to money.

We already had some contractors come look at the broken bathroom upstairs, and they are working on a quote for us. It’s going to be much cheaper if we buy everything ourselves and do the haul away ourselves, which we are more than capable of. But we need to see what really needs fixing before we can do those things. I’m hoping to keep that project under ten thousand dollars.

After we finish that bathroom, I want to re-carpet and repaint the two rooms leading to it. Those rooms are at the back of the house, and the pets never get in there so it’s a great place to start. That project shouldn’t cost more than a thousand bucks, so I think it’s doable.

The other big projects (a kitchen remodel -eeek!) will probably have to wait until next year.

Debt Repayment

I feel like I’m cursed to always have about ten thousand dollars’ worth of credit card debt. I was doing so good in paying it off last year – then BAM! Cat breaks his leg in three places. Yay! 4K more of debt. Trudging along, getting it paid down some more – then BAM! Major Sewage blockage.

I know, I know – I’m supposed to have emergency funds for these things. And It’s not like I don’t – I have a few grand in my emergency accounts. But I just can’t bring myself to spend it. I’d rather use my credit card than my emergency savings.

But anyway, I’m going to try really hard to get that paid off this year – even while doing the home remodel. I know it’s a big goal, and there will probably be more emergencies that pop up this year, but I’m going to give it my best shot.


I don’t have an investment goal for this year. Instead, I’m just going to keep it on autopilot. If the markets continue to rise, I’ll make a ton of money off the investments, and if we have a crash, I’ll be buying low. That’s a pretty easy goal to accomplish, isn’t it?

New Year’s Goals for 2020 Wrap Up

After two years of complete failures with my goals, I decided to make this year’s goals more achievable and more about me. I can’t control what a market will do, and I can’t control what a partner will do, so these goals are all about what I can do. That was an important lesson to learn.

Do you have any New Year’s goals for 2020? If so, tell me about them in the comments! Let’s help each other achieve our goals!

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