Grit Review – How Grit can Lead to Financial Freedom

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Most people I talk to have told me that they wish they could be on a FIRE path.  Some wish they made enough money to consider it, while others wish they had high enough paying jobs to squirrel extra cash away. Still others wish that they could find ways to cut their budgets. People wish a lot of things, but the bottom line is that those wishes sound a lot like excuses to me. I think most of them can do all those things, and I think you can too. Angela Duckworth helps explain how in her engaging New York Times Bestseller Grit.

Grit Review

Grit isn’t actually about financial freedom. It’s not even about finance. It is, however, about something that many of my peers on the FIRE path have expressed again and again. It’s about the power of hard work and perseverance. It’s about the power that having passion for something gives us to succeed.

In this book, Angela Duckworth explains that people intrinsically tend to value talent over hard work. We think that successful people are just naturally talented, because it’s easier to think that someone has natural talent than it is to think that they tried harder than we did. Grit proves that this way of thinking is flawed. With interviews from some of the planet’s most successful people to include Olympic swimmers, Super Bowl Champions, Military Leaders, and CEOs, Duckworth takes us behind the scenes of success and shows us exactly how much hard work is involved.




What is Grit?

 As it turns out, it really is hard work and passion that lead us to success, not talent. Talent without hard work is wasted but hard work without talent can actually lead to success. Passion gives us the drive to work hard.  Passion plus hard work is what Angela Duckworth refers to as Grit.

Grit will allow us to gain Financial Freedom without any inherent talent or special skill. If you are gritty enough, it doesn’t even take a hefty paycheck!  Some of the grittiest FIRE enthusiasts carve out a path to FIRE on forty thousand dollar per year salaries. They find ways to live on that (or less!) for the duration of their retirements (affectionately known as Lean FIRE).

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Can I get Grit?

But what if you lack the passion to work hard at something?  Don’t worry!  Duckworth also outlines ways in which you can build Grit in yourself and in others. She has also developed “the Grit test”, a series of questions that will help you determine just how gritty you are. 

You won’t get to FIRE on a wish and a dream. You will get to FIRE if you put in hard work, and if you are passionate about it. Grit can help you get there.

“Each was chasing something of unparalleled interest and importance, and it was the chase – as much as the capture- that was gratifying” – Angela Duckworth, Grit

Be Gritty. Chase Financial Freedom. Capture it. Let Grit show you how.

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