It’s Springtime! Here’s the Best Ways To Enjoy Each Month of Spring

Spring is in the air. The spring months are a great time to examine your life and space and make any necessary changes. It’s also an excellent time to get outside and experience some glorious springtime activities!

What Months are Spring Months?

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Spring spans from March 20 to June 21. That means March, April, May, and June can be considered spring months. Typically, June is regarded as a “summer month” and not included as a spring month. The quintessential spring months are April and May.

Spring is a time of renewal, change, and celebration. There are many great things to do this time of year, but let’s break it down by month. Here’s what you should focus on during each month of spring.

March – Plan Your Year

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As we head out of the drudgery of winter, it’s time to think about what’s ahead on the horizon. March is the perfect time to plan the upcoming spring and summer months. Grab your journal and think about your goals for the year. Plan what you need to do to accomplish them.

March – Spring Cleaning

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As the Earth washes away the dead of winter, so should we remove the dead weight from our lives. March is the perfect time to start spring cleaning and remove all the things that no longer bring us joy.

Use this time to clean out the attic, donate your unused items to charity, and clear the clutter from your life.

March – Celebrate the Solstice

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The spring equinox happens every year around March 20. The vernal equinox is the proper start of spring and the beginning of the season of rebirth.

March – Exercise

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The spring months are the ideal time to renew your commitment to your body. Use the warm weather days in March to ease into a fitness routine. Start walking more, start cycling, or join a new sports league.

April – Enjoy a Storm

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Thunderstorms are expected in April and are needed to help the rebirth of spring. The old saying “April showers bring May flowers” is abundantly clear. The rains are necessary for the ecosystem to sustain itself.

Rather than fight it, embrace it. Enjoy a cup of tea on the porch and watch the rainfall. Listen to the sounds of thunder as it soothes you to sleep. However, use your best judgment. If the storm becomes unsafe, seek shelter.

April – Plant Your Garden

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The rains are needed for the land to grow, making April the best spring month to start your garden. The seeds you plant in April, both literally and physically, will reap many benefits in the year to come.

April – Celebrate

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April hosts many spring celebrations. Typically, Easter, Passover, and other religious or cultural festivals occur in April. Enjoy the season and celebrate the rebirth according to your cultural traditions.

Take the time to enjoy time with loved ones, forget past wrongs, and move forward joyfully.

May – Have a Picnic

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Is there anything more iconic of May than a spring picnic? Grab your special person and a picnic basket and head to your favorite park. Enjoy the sites and sounds of spring while relaxing in a gorgeous spring meadow.

May – Stop and Smell the Flowers

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The flowers promised in April are starting to bloom in May, so be sure to appreciate them. Go for a walk and enjoy the vivid colors of the rebirth all around you. Take the time to stop and smell the different varieties around you.

May is the ideal time to enjoy the freshness of nature all around you. For even more spring flowers, check out a local botanical garden.

May – Visit a Zoo

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To get more in touch with nature, visit a zoo. Zoos often have baby animals in the spring, and it’s a perfect time to try to catch a glimpse of them. Even without the babies, the warmer and longer nights make a visit to the zoo an ideal spring activity.

May – Have a Summer Kick-Off BBQ

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Memorial Day in the United States is generally the last weekend of May and is often considered the kick-off to summer. It’s a holiday weekend that is the perfect time to host a summer kick-off event.

Use the extra day off to host a kick-off to summer barbeque. Invite family and friends over for grill favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers, and enjoy the start to the summer season.

June- Tend to Your Garden

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The garden you planted in April may be ready to share some of its bounties. Many spring fruits like tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers may be ready to harvest by June. Herbs like basil and thyme can be collected as well.

Harvest these parts of your garden and make a fresh spring salad to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

June – Get Ready for the Pool

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If you have a pool, now is the time to uncover it, clean it, and get it ready for the summer season. If you don’t, now is the time to nab your local park service’s pool membership.

Either way, summer is coming, and you will want to ensure that you’re ready to hit the pool when the time comes.

June – Plan Summer Vacation Activities

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Most schools let out in late May or early June, so now is the time to plan your family’s summer activities. Consider the trips you want to take, whether week-long vacations or weekend getaways.

If you have kids, make sure you have a plan for how they will spend their summers. Most parents don’t have the luxury of time off in the summer, so plan for summer camps, daycares, and other activities that can keep the kids occupied in summer.

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