Lucktastic Review – Is this Scratch Card App Worthwhile?

Do you want to make millions with a phone app? Or start a new side hustle making tons of money with apps? If either of those describes you, Lucktastic is not for you. However, it does have its place amongst gaming apps. This Lucktastic review will tell you everything you need to know about the app to help you decide whether it’s worth your time or not.

Lucktastic Review

What is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a mobile app that basically lets you play various lotteries.  You get a bunch of scratch-off tickets each day, and you can earn tokens or win money with them.

There are other ways to win as well. Lucktastic has a plethora of contests that you can enter, with prizes ranging from Amazon gift cards to thousands of dollars. There’s a wheel that you can spin every three hours, which offers prizes such as more tokens, cash, or free contest entries. A lot is going on with this app, and all of it is designed to keep you on it and keep you engaged and playing.

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What Lucktastic Isn’t

Lucktastic is not a way to make money playing mobile games. If you want to do that, get Mistplay. It’s amazing. You actually can earn money by playing a variety of games through Mistplay. That’s not Lucktastic. Although you can earn tokens by downloading a few mobile games, you don’t actually earn anything extra by playing them.

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You may also see a Lucktastic review on a variety of other “make money with mobile apps” posts. I really don’t think it’s a legit way to earn extra money. Sure, the chance is there, but it’s not as easy as taking a survey or getting cashback on your purchases. If you need extra cash and are looking for a side hustle, Lucktastic isn’t the app for you. Try Survey Junkie, Ibotta, or even a traditional side hustle like freelance work.

Now that we clarified what Luctastic is and isn’t, let’s dive into the full Lucktastic review.

Can You Win Real Money with Lucktastic?

The short answer is yes; you can win real money. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Again, it’s more of a lottery app than anything else. The odds that you are going to be the million-dollar winner are so incredibly slim that it’s not really worthwhile if that’s all you’re after. You’re rarely going to win more than a quarter in scratch-off tickets, and the odds of winning one of the contests are low as well.


But, if you play a lot, those twenty-five-cent wins add up. I earned five bucks in just a few days of playing, which is the minimum you need to start cashing out with a gift card. If you have over fifteen dollars, you can get a check mailed, and if you store up over a hundred dollars, you can get a Visa gift card. Be advised that it will take some time to earn these amounts.

How Does Lucktastic Work?

There is a lot going on with Lucktastic. You can earn tokens, tickets, and cash prizes in a variety of ways. You can use tokens to enter contests or trade them in for more contest entry tickets.

Downloading apps

One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn tokens with Lucktastic is to download their partner apps. Many of the partner apps are mobile games, which is why you often see Lucktastic featured in posts on how to make money playing video games. For example, one of the current partner apps is Bingo Blitz. You can earn 3500 tokens for downloading the game and playing through level 5. Most of the time, all you have to do to earn the bonus tokens is to download the app and try it out.

Scratch Cards

My favorite part of Lucktastic is the scratch-off cards. This is gamifying advertising in all its glory. Many of Lucktastic’s partners offer scratch-off tickets with the opportunity to win prizes. Some claim to offer thousands of dollars to lucky winners!

Let’s be realistic. I mentioned before that the keyword is a lottery, and that’s the truth. The odds of winning even the one- or two-dollar scratch-off games are quite low.


However, it’s not all for nothing. Every scratch-off card has a bonus section, and you will win at least a few tokens every single time. Sometimes you might even win a few cents or a dollar in real cash! And it’s not like the real lottery or gambling, where you have to pay to play. The scratch cards are free to play.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with your small winnings until you reach the five-dollar payout threshold that I mentioned above, but if you play every day, you will get there soon.

Wheel Spins

Everyone loves bonus wheel spins, so Lucktastic gives you the opportunity to spin every three hours. The prizes on the wheel spin range from extra contest entries to a handful of tokens, and you can even win small amounts of money to add to your cash balance.


Lucktastic is constantly bragging about its contests and all the winners. If you’re someone who can’t get enough contests, Lucktastic is for you. They have numerous contests running every day, with cash, tokens, cruises, vacations, and more as prizes.


Tokens are the in-game currency of Lucktastic. You earn them through wheel spins, downloading apps, and playing scratch-off tickets, and then you use them to enter the contests. In addition, you can also trade your tokens in for gift cards.

The biggest problem with Lucktastic, in my opinion, is how many tokens it takes to get a gift card. You need to earn nearly one hundred thousand tokens just to get a twenty-dollar gift card for GameStop. If you want an Amazon gift card, you have to earn a whopping 375 thousand (though, to be fair, that is for a hundred dollars). Even a five-dollar Dunkin Donuts gift card is thirty thousand tokens. Since you usually win about 5 or 6 tokens per scratch-off, reaching those hefty numbers will take some time.

However, it doesn’t take nearly as many tokens to enter contests. Many contests cost just one, but others cost thirty to a hundred tokens. However, entering a contest doesn’t mean you will win, so you may be better off hoarding them until you can afford a gift card.

Bad Lucktastic Reviews

Lucktastic gets a lot of bad reviews. People say it’s a scam or not legitimate. I can’t pretend to know what people expected when they downloaded this app. Maybe it was included in one too many “Apps that make money” posts, and people were disappointed that it’s not easy to earn money with Lucktastic.

lucktastic review

The thing is, Lucktastic isn’t bad if you understand what it is. It’s a marketing app, and guess what? As a user, you aren’t the customer – you’re the product. The entire point of Lucktastic is to get you to use the apps that it’s pushing. Of course, they try to make it worth your time. You get to collect tokens, play scratch-off games, and enter contests, all with the hopes of winning it big. There are also the tiny wins, like a quarter here and there, that keep you coming back. The entire point of the app is to find new and fun ways to hit your brain’s reward center to keep you coming back.

One other Lucktastic review that I’ve read is that it’s a scam and that you don’t get the gift cards that you have earned. Lucktastic has millions of downloads, and I’ve only read a handful of complaints about not getting the gift card. It’s possible that a few people had a bad experience, technological issues happen, customer service representatives can be none responsive, things might just not work out. However, I’ve not yet had this experience with Lucktastic, and I doubt it would be as popular as it is if the majority of users had these problems.

Is Lucktastic a Waste of Time?

Lucktastic is absolutely a waste of time. But does that mean it’s bad? I don’t think so. I’ll open it up and play the scratch-off games while I’m in a seminar that never ends or during a commercial break. It’s a fun way to unwind for a few minutes. It is not a side hustle or even the best way to make money with mobile apps, but it’s fun to scratch off the tickets and see if you’ve won something.

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If you’re ready to waste some time entering silly contests and playing goofy scratch-off games, you need Lucktastic. It’s not the best way to make money online, but it’s fun, and to me, that makes it worthwhile.

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