Manager Berates Employee for Quitting, Ends Up in Hot Water

Some managers think their position offers them unlimited power to bully and harass their workers. One learned the hard way that this isn’t true when they tried to bully an employee who put in their final notice. 

Giving Notice

The Original Poster (OP) is the employee in question. They work at a bar, but found a better position at a different bar that’s busier and pays more. The new job would also be a slight promotion. 

OP informed their manager that they were leaving and gave a week’s notice. 

Manager Doesn’t Take the News Well

Most normal managers would appreciate the heads up in the customer service industry and work to hire a replacement. 

But when you’re the ruler of your own little fiefdom, you take any perceived slight as a massive betrayal. 

OP’s manager fell into the second category and verbally attacked OP. 

He…proceeded to rip into me, calling me “unprofessional,” trying to attack my character, saying I’m “stepping down to do less work,” said OP, adding, “He also said he was pretty much going to make my last week of work hell.”

Sure Thing Bro

OP was shocked at his manager’s brutal rampage. Prior to that moment, he’d received glowing reviews. 

However, he didn’t take the treatment lying down. OP reported the manager’s bullying behavior to HR, who’s conducting a thorough investigation and adding the report to his disciplinary record. In addition, OP called in sick every day of his last week, leaving the manager short-staffed. 

None of that is OP’s problem, and he sailed silently off to start his new adventure. 

Manager Deserved It

OP posted their story on the popular anti-work subreddit where people delight in stories where horrible bosses get their comeuppance. 

Users praised OP for reporting the atrocious behavior to HR and refusing to work under the manager for another second. 

Why Make That Threat?

Many laughed at the manager for even issuing the threat in the first place. OP already had a new job lined up. The manager had absolutely nothing to hold over OP’s head. There’s no universe where the threat to make the last week terrible would hold any water. 

That OP used sick leave rather than ditching is just the icing on the cake. He got paid for his last week without having to do any work. 

Enjoy Your Vacation, OP!

We hope OP used his newfound week off to enjoy his life a little and that the manager learns a valuable lesson about treating people with respect. 

Source: Reddit