Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle Review

As you all know from my post about eating healthy, I tried something new and purchased the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle this year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test out my new bundle until I got moved into the new house, but now that I’m over one month in I figured it’s time for a review. So, here’s my honest opinion.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

The healthy meal planning bundle is spectacular! And I’m not just saying that because I’ll earn a commission if you buy it using my link. It’s been freaking phenomenal, and has changed the game for me in regards to cooking.

Me and Cooking

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a good cook before trying this bundle. There were two or three dishes that I could cook reasonably well, and outside of those (which took tons of prep time!) I basically ate easy stuff. We’re talking frozen pizza, freezer meals, sandwiches, and the occasional spaghetti (boiled water and canned sauce only!). I’m 36 years old and I haven’t moved past my twenty-something cooking skills! Something needed to change.

I’ve tried cookbooks in the past. I was super ambitious and bought a cute “appetizers and sauces” cookbook that I never figured out how to use. I also bought a cookbook from the Cracker Barrel on home cooking. Flipping through those to find just one dish that doesn’t seem overwhelming to prepare is a challenge; how could I possibly use those to plan entire weeks’ worth of meals? I needed some serious help.

Enter the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle!

This bundle has been a godsend! Did you know that you could cook spaghetti in a crock pot with much less effort than boiling water?? And it tastes better! I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I also cooked really elaborate sounding stuff like Cajun Lime chicken and sausage, lentil & rice skillet. Look at me being all fancy! The great thing is that all of the recipes I’ve tried so far have been incredibly easy. The only thing that took longer than an hour total was the crock pot spaghetti, but I’m pretty sure that’s the point of crock pot meals. Everything has been fairly cheap too! I’ve been spending less than $100 in groceries each week (although I do add a few of my own easy meals to my weekly list).

There has only been one dish from the healthy meal planning bundle so far that I didn’t love, and that was the keto pan steak fajitas. I decided to wrap the fajitas in a tortilla with cheese and sour cream (because how else would you eat a fajita?) but those flavors didn’t mesh well. I think I would have liked it better had I followed the recipe’s intent and used the steak & peppers as a salad topper rather than with cheese and sour cream. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t my favorite.

How to use Bundle

The bundle is way easier for me than a cookbook because it’s all online and you can easily search for anything. Its basically like buying 10 cookbooks that are all together in one spot and easy to use.

The Meal Plans

I started out by perusing the meal plans. There are over 30 different plans, some are even super specialized, so whatever your diet you will find a plan to suit your needs. I don’t like to stick to the exact meal plan though, I prefer to use them as a general guide and make my own plan for the week. But if you don’t have time for that, the meal plans are great because they tell you exactly what you need to buy for the week and give you daily notes for prepping it. This is amazing if you are super busy and don’t have time to figure that stuff out on your own!

But since I bought the bundle to help me learn to cook, not because I’m crazy busy and need a quick & easy meal plan for the week (both reasons are valid!)  I prefer to peruse the plans and pick out recipes that sound yummy and fairly easy. Someday I’ll graduate to things like “ham and cheese crustless quiche” and “Cajun lime honey salmon with tomato cauliflower rice”, but I don’t think I’m there yet.

The Cook Books

I had a hard time finding the recipes when I first used the bundle (I can be a dum-dum sometimes). I thought they would be in the meal plan, but they aren’t, they are in the separate cookbooks. The bundle comes with 14 separate cook books, each of which is featured in the various meal plans. The plans actually have a column that tells you which cookbook to go to for the recipe – it took me way too long to figure that out!

Once you are in the cookbook, you can find the recipe by doing a “CTRL + F” search, or just finding it in the table of contents and clicking it. No flipping through pages! How forward thinking! All of the recipes that I’ve tried so far have been incredibly easy with simple ingredients. No specialty shopping and no weird spices I’ve never heard of! And, as a bonus, I feel so good about myself that I’ve been able to prepare these delicious meals. It’s such a confidence booster!

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The things I haven’t tried

Although it’s only been a month, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth of the plan already. And I haven’t even tried everything! Not only are there hundreds more recipes to check out, but I haven’t even looked at the e-books yet!

I also haven’t even started with the five e-courses that are included in the bundle. My goal for March is to at least get one done! Although the meal plans, e-books, and cookbooks are downloadable, the courses and webinars are only available until the end of December, so if you are thinking about getting a bundle, you should get it soon so you don’t miss out on these awesome extras!

Have you tried the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle?

I mean, maybe you don’t need it. If you’re already an amazing cook and have tons of time to plan out your meals, this plan isn’t for you (and can I come over for dinner someday??). But if you’re anything like me and need a helping hand when it comes to meal planning and prepping, this bundle is amazing. Get yours today.



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