Adults Ruin Everything: Childhood Joys Grown Ups Hijacked and Destroyed

Some things are meant for kids, but that doesn’t stop greedy adults from hoarding it for themselves and ultimately ruining it.

Here are the top things made for children that adults ruin once they put their filthy paws on them. 


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Childhood should be a magical time filled with wonder, joy, and discovery. Far too many parents steal their children’s childhoods by putting them on display in front of the entire world, parentifying them, or forcing them to follow their parent’s dreams. 

Stop ruining your own kids’ childhoods. 

Young Adult Novels

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The YA fiction genre is specifically geared toward children. These stories feature teenagers acting like teenagers and often get a lot of unjustified hate from adults who no longer understand what it’s like to be at that vulnerable age. 

Pokemon Cards

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Adults hoard Pokemon cards, forcing children out of the fun game-turned-expensive-hobby. Jobless kids can’t compete with wealthy adults who don’t mind spending big bucks on rare cards to complete their collections. 

Youth Sports

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Kids join little leagues to learn sportsmanship and teamwork, but their parents destroy any potential lesson by acting like giant jerks at sporting events. 

The kids tend to know better than the parents that it’s not about winning or losing. 

Things Kids Enjoy

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Sports, dance, music – any hobby kids like got destroyed by their overbearing parents. A few decades ago, kids could enjoy their hobby once a week with friends, and that was that. Now, whatever activity becomes their whole life as parents decide their kid will be the “next big X” and force them to practice constantly. 

This attitude ruins it for the kids. 


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The cute destructive critters from the Despicable Me movies should have stayed in their lane as loveable childhood toys. 

Instead, adults turned them into memes, and you can’t log into Facebook without a minion’s face attached to a despicable comment. I guess that tracks. 

Beanie Babies

Pile of TY Beanie Baby Toys.
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The fad of the late 90s started as a simple children’s toy. Unfortunately, beanie-baby-crazed adults quickly hijacked the hobby, pricing children out of the beanie-baby market. 

We hope they learned their lesson when the prices crashed, but after seeing some delusion listings on eBay, we doubt it. 

My Little Pony

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An adorable children’s show about sparkling ponies morphed into a weird obsession by adult men. “Bronies,” as they call themselves, took the show for themselves and sometimes have the nerve to deride the little girls who still enjoy it. 

They do far worse with it in the deep, dark corners of the internet. 


Clown peering over a white shelf on a white background.
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The historic children’s entertainer morphed into one of the scariest foes of cinema. People are more likely to think of a horror movie than a children’s show when they think of clowns. 

Paper Routes

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Paper routes used to be the quintessential children’s job. Kids could grab their papers and deliver them to their neighborhoods while learning the value of a hard day’s work. 

Whether parents decided their child was too precious for a little outside work or adults decided they needed the money, most paper routes nowadays are done by grown-ups. 

Becoming an Adult

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The childhood journey to adulthood culminates with an adult lifestyle and responsibility. Unfortunately, younger generations believe older generations stole this opportunity for them. 

Today’s Young adults don’t have the same options as grown-ups from past generations. They can’t afford to have kids, buy homes, and enjoy all the adulthood joys promised. 

Instead, they linger on, grasping at their childhood hoods well into middle age because they can’t afford the transition into adulthood. 

The Future

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Teenagers today look to the future with trepidation rather than excitement. They’ll have to contend with the very worst effects of climate change, late-stage capitalism, and the culture wars. 

Today’s youth don’t have a bright future to look forward to. 

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