The Most Unfair Double Standards in Life We All Accept As Normal

Double standards will never go away. The famous saying “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions” rings true everywhere; it’s human nature. 

Some double standards, whether at work or in society, are so egregious we wish they’d just disappear. 

Company Loyalty

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In the past, loyalty to a company was rewarded. Long-time employees received regular raises and excellent pensions to see them through their senior years.  In our current work culture, companies still expect the same loyalty from employees while offering nothing in return. 

Employee Performance & Results

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Some complained that different employees are held to different standards based on their performance, resulting in unfair workplaces. 

“Either the person who does pretty much nothing gets away with it constantly, but everyone else is watched like a hawk, or when the person who never calls in sick does just ONCE, and it’s a whole thing as if they’re lying,” shared one user, describing some of the ways companies punish their best employees while letting slackers slide. 

People Only Remember the Bad

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No one cares when things are going right, but when one thing goes wrong, they’re quick to point the finger.  “You can do 99 things right and will always be criticized for the one thing you did wrong,” shared one user.

Managers Scream, Don’t Help

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Managers will berate their employees when the work doesn’t get done but refuse to lift a finger to help. 


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You need a good reference to get a job, but companies don’t give references for fear of legal action. Job seekers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Baby Changing Stations

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Men want to step up and be better parents, but it’s hard when society is designed around women as the primary caretaker. 

One new father said he hates that men’s restrooms lack changing stations. “As a new parent, it really bothers me when only the ladies room has those baby changing stations,” he said. 

Luckily, times are changing. One user mentioned a 2017 California law requiring all restaurant restrooms to have changing stations; another said it’s common to see changing stations in all restrooms where they live (Canada).

All Politics

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We cheer when our team does something yet scoff when the other team does the same. It’s time to have higher standards for everyone in office. 

Record Profits – No Raises

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Companies are recording record profits off the backs of their workforces yet refusing to offer salary increases. 

One Reddit said the conversation typically goes like this “Employee: “Can I get a raise?” Employer: “No. We don’t have room in the budget for that. Sorry,” adding that the “employer proceeds to break records in sales and pay out huge bonuses to higher-ups.”

Essential Workers

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The COVID pandemic taught us that the millions of people who staff our grocery stores and hospitals are, indeed, essential, yet we still pay them poverty wages. 

Women Can’t Abuse Men

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Though statistics show men are likelier to be the abuser than the abused, statistics don’t tell the whole story. Numerous men suffer abuse from their female partners, and society’s not ready to talk about it. 

Carbon Footprints

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Companies did a fantastic job pointing the finger at individuals for pollution and waste when in reality, companies are the biggest culprit. “Consumer waste is dwarfed by industrial waste, and they don’t even make an effort. Recycling is a joke,” said one user. 

It doesn’t hurt to do what you can to help the environment, but the best way to affect change is boycotting companies who don’t make an effort is the best way to affect change. Vote with your dollars. 

Babysitting vs. Parenting

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The idea that men can’t parent their children needs to disappear. When dads stay home, they’re babysitting. When they take the kids to the park, they’re “wonderful for spending time with their children.” These activities are expected of mothers, who never get the same praise. 

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