It’s Time to Move on From these Once Highly Respected Products and Ideas

Some things run their course. Brands, ideas, and guidelines may shine like the brightest star, then lose their luster and public appeal. 

Although some highly respected brands destroy their image in a blaze of glory, more often than not, they slowly whither and fade from public perception as industry leaders. 

When scrolling through my favorite Reddit sub, R/Askreddit, I found a fascinating question asking users to share things that were once highly respected but are now seen as jokes. 

The responses range from brands to products and ideas to people. Read on to find out what internet users think no longer deserves respect. 

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee was the original antivirus, and it helped protect many early internet users from spyware, spam, and viruses. Many users said that Microsoft’s advancements with Windows Defender made most third-party antivirus software obsolete. 

McAfee is one of the worst antivirus options now, though, according to Reddit. “I do some tech support for some software I maintain, and McAfee has been by far my biggest antivirus headache,” said one user. 

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Sears was iconic in the glory days of department stores. Sears was the big name in appliances, tools, and home goods. They even sold houses!

Some Redditors said it went downhill after being purchased by Kmart, while others blamed their inability to adapt to the internet for their demise. 

Learning Channels

Many Redditors said the History Channel and all the other learning channels (TLC, Discovery, etc.) used to be valuable sources of learning and information that are now filled with trash. 

“TLC now (unofficially) stands for Terrible Life Choices,” said one user, while another said the channel is very uncomfortable to watch. 

Others added Food Network to the mix, saying it used to be educational, but now it’s full of useless competition shows. 

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The Food Pyramid

People used to respect USDA’s food pyramid but now realize the dietary guidelines are outdated at best. 

Others said it’s not just the US that got food guidelines wrong. “Found out the Canadian Food Guide was originally created as a rationing plan during WW1,” said one user. However, other Canadians stood up for their government, saying the recently revised standards are much better. 

Bank Managers

“They used to have serious power in local communities,” said one user of the once highly respected profession. “Now they have to be glorified customer service reps a lot of the time,” they added. 

Others agreed that commercial banking has morphed into a sales position, with corporate headquarters pushing associates to upsell customers at every turn, adding to the profession’s decline. 

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Craftsman Tools

“OG Craftsman tools were something else,” said one user. “Those tools are so much better than anything I’ve bought for myself. Superior quality.” they added. 

Another said the return policy was terrific. “And if they did break, you could just walk into Sears, show it to them, and they’d give you a replacement, no questions asked.”

The quality and craftsmanship of craftsman tools are no longer top-rate. A former Lowes employee added, “Craftsman is far and away the brand of tools that get returned the most due to them malfunctioning or breaking. It’s crazy because my dad still has some craftsman stuff from when it was a Sears brand, and they work great.”


Facebook may still be popular, but it’s not good anymore. The once exclusive network was a respectable networking app for college students, but now it’s a cesspool of negativity. 

“Facebook was very similar to Instagram back in the day. None of this commercial and advertised video spam, but actual pictures and posts of your friends.” said one user, lamenting Facebook’s downfall. 

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Landline Telephones

“The house phone used to be a vital link to the outside world. It’s how you’d talk to friends and family far away, interact with businesses, call for help in an emergency, etc.” said one user, describing the vital role home telephones played. 

They went on to say the rise in spam calls made landline phones virtually useless. Others said the mass movement to cell phones added to the demise of the landline.

Not everyone agreed that landlines lost their luster. Many said it’s a vital backup during mobile outages, such as natural disasters, or in rural areas. 


I am a hobbyist musician and will never try to make money off of my music. I simply enjoy creating it with zero expectations.” said one Redditor. They lamented the rise in hustle culture, where everyone tries to monetize their hobbies. “Time enjoyed is not time wasted,” they said. 

Many users added examples where others try to push them into monetizing the hobbies they love. “I crochet, and people are always trying to talk me into selling stuff on Etsy. Most people won’t even pay enough to cover materials,” said one. 

“I wrote/edited/produced an entire album and a short film just for myself no-one else, and made a board game for my family. People can’t understand why I’m not interested in making them about views or money.” added another.

Although many Redditors added to the thread on hobbies, most agreed that enjoying something SHOULD be respected and lamented the fact that some folks want to make it all about money. 

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There was a time when everyone wanted the hot new mobile productivity device. Blackberry was an industry leader in mobile phones, offering users calendars, emails, and note-taking capabilities in one handheld device. 

However, as smartphones grew in popularity, Apple and Andriod rise in promise, outcompeting Blackberry. Although the company still exists, it’s no longer the leader in mobile technology. 

Wells Fargo

One of the biggest names in banking is now among the least respected. Some said the original Wells Fargo was a great bank, but the company that took them over in the 90s was awful. 

“Norwest Bank acquired Real Wells Fargo in the late nineties but kept the Wells Fargo name as it had better brand recognition. All of the recent scandals have occurred since the takeover, in the Bank Formerly Known as Norwest.” claimed one user. 

Another said Wells Fargo exists to “wring every last cent they could out of a customer” and admitted to smiling whenever they see the banking giant hit with a fine “because I know they deserve it.”

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Companies Rise and Fall

Most items on this list are companies and brand names, showcasing that although companies can rise in prominence and garner our respect, they can also fall quickly. 

What do you think about Reddit’s responses on things that used to be respected? Do you think they were too harsh?