Let It Go: People Take These Obsessions Way Too Seriously and It’s Destroying Society

Some people take their obsessions so far that it impacts their daily lives and the lives of those around them. 

Feelings are Fine, Obsessions Get Scary

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It’s OK to enjoy stuff or feel a certain way about things, but when we obsess about them to the point where it negatively impacts society, it’s a problem. 

While scrolling through my favorite Reddit community, R/askreddit, I came across a question asking users to share their opinions on the most unhealthy obsessions they see in the people around them. 

Here are some of the top responses. 


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Some folks really get obsessed with the things they hate. Their entire personalities revolve around their hatred, whether it be other people, sports teams, or something they just don’t like. 

Some people are more defined by what they hate than what they love, and I sincerely believe that wears on anyone after a while,” said one user. 

It’s true. Righteous indignation is appealing, and rage bait sells. We need to stop taking the bait. 

Being First

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What’s with people’s obsession with being first? Whether it’s first to the stoplight, to the gas pump, or to get into that checkout line, people’s “me first” attitude is grinding. 

24 Hour News

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Though most Redditors agreed it’s good to be informed about what’s happening in the world, they pointed out that obsessing over the 24-hour news cycle wasn’t the way to do it. 

“It’s good to stay involved and informed,” said one user, but added, “if people would just turn off the news (including Reddit), I feel like 90% of our culture war would disappear overnight, and we could focus on the real issues.”


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Aging is part of life, but too many of us fear it and become obsessed with looking young. 

“People are obsessed with youth, and some people will do anything to maintain its appearance,” shared one Redditor. 

Our obsession with youth ends up hurting us. Instead, we should embrace aging and all the freedom that comes with it. 

Social Media Image

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One Redditor earned gold with their comment about social media. People have an unhealthy “Obsession with their social media image,” they responded. 

Social media isn’t real life, but too many pretend it is. We obsess over other people’s posts, forgetting that it’s just a highlight real at best and fantasy at worst, and become depressed over our own mediocre lives. 


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Celebrities in the US are the new royalty, and people get obsessed. A glance at the lifestyle section of major news sites will show a constant barrage of Kim, Kate, and Megan. The reason this junk is constantly published is that people eat it up. 

Some people turn their love of celebrity’s lives into an unhealthy obsession. 

“This is a big one I’ve seen. I have a colleague who, whenever we travel for work, will fill their free time looking for places celebrities live and walking around them,” shared one user. 


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America’s obsession with work and productivity isn’t healthy. Our toxic work culture values time spent laboring above all else, and many bought into the idea hook, line, and sinker. 

One user summed it up well, stating, “We are so far beyond the productivity of generations past, but instead of appreciating it, we continue to sacrifice more and more of our time and well-being at the altar of eternal growth.”

Being in a Relationship

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People must understand that being alone is far superior to being in an unhealthy relationship. But some folks obsess over getting into a partnership at any cost. 

Society tries to sell us that being in a relationship is the key to a happy, successful life. But all too often, the idea of a relationship is better than the reality, and we stay in unhealthy or toxic relationships because we fear being single. 

We don’t need a relationship to be happy, and it’s better to be single than to be with the wrong person. 

Their Phones

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People can’t seem to put their phones down. While taking a nice stroll through the park in the car, in the checkout line, we all seem to be buried in our phones, missing the world around us. 

“It’s one thing to keep yourself busy, it’s another to never let yourself be bored. Being bored is important sometimes, it makes you think/helps clear your head. Phones make it ridiculously easy to never let yourself get bored, to the point where it ain’t healthy,” shared one user. 

Being Right

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Some folks can’t admit that they were wrong or made a mistake. Their unhealthy obsession with being right at all costs hurts not only themselves but their loved ones and society as a whole. 

“One of my best friends growing up was this way. They beat your will to argue down with their hardheadedness, and when you stop arguing, they take it like they “won” the argument,” said one user. 

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