Minor Inconveniences that Fill Us With Rage

Mild inconveniences should only have minor impacts on our life. They cause strife for a few minutes, then all returns to normal, and we forget everything. 

But some mild inconveniences cause unfathomable rage, far exceeding the standard of “mild.” They may have only minor impacts, but they annoy us to no end when they happen!

While scrolling the R/askreddit community, I found a thread asking users to share which mild inconveniences they hate the most. 

Can you relate?

Dropping Something

Dropping a small object on the ground shouldn’t be so frustrating, but it is. It takes two seconds to bend over and pick it up, but those two seconds are filled with rage. 

One user shared their frustration when it happens to them. “ I usually roll my eyes, sigh as I bend down to pick it up, and then growl angrily when it takes a couple of tries to actually pick it up.”

“I get mad enough to curse every time,” responded another. 

Automatic Sinks

Automatic sinks are fantastic, in theory. They reduce water waste and limit the number of things we touch in public facilities. 

In practice, they cause ridiculous amounts of frustration. 

“I can’t even get those stupid sensor sinks to work I’m not joking. It’s like it doesn’t read that I’m there. I can wave my hand in front of it every which way, and 9 times out of 10, it literally will not work,” exclaimed one user. 

“Motion sensor sinks are the bane of bathrooms.,” said another. “I hate them.”

Wet Arms

Why is washing our face so annoying? We’d love to be able to simply wash and dry our face, but no, gravity has other plans. 

One user said, “Washing your face in the bathroom sink and the water trickling down your arms towards your elbows” is peak frustration.

Another said they hate it when their sleeves get wet, and others agreed. 

“Dear god, this is the worst part of my day, you nailed it!” exclaimed one. “Then, having to go to bed in winter with soggy sleeves bc no matter how high you roll them up the water magically finds it’s way there. Ugh!”

Why No Charge?

When we plug our phones in at night, we expect them to charge fully. But occasionally, we wake up the next day to a range-inducing depleted battery. 

What was the point of plugging you in if you weren’t going to charge, phone?

Pro tip – check to ensure it’s charging before you sleep. 

Head Phone Wires

There’s a rule somewhere that states earphone wires must get tangled on any object nearby. If you aren’t paying close attention, you’ll discover the culprit when you try to turn your head as the plugs get violently yanked from your ears. 

“It’s wild how ANGRY I get when it happens,” stated one user. 

Many Redditors said they switched to Bluetooth headphones to avoid this minor inconvenience. 


Self-checkouts are great when they work. They save time and prevent us from having to make small talk with someone. 

But they often don’t work, causing customers undue frustration. 

“Please remove item from the basket, please add item to the basket, please wait for assistance,” commented one user, describing an all-to-common self-check-out fiasco. 

I don’t know about you, but I raged just reading that. 

Youtube Ads

YouTube used to be the premier video platform, but users are becoming frustrated by the overabundance of ads, especially on short-form videos. 

One user said that “Having to wait 3 extra seconds for YouTube ads everytime I want to watch a 30-second video” is highly annoying. Another added that it’s even worse when you have to watch 15 seconds of unskippable ads. 

Getting Up

Imagine sitting down to a relaxing evening with your favorite television show. As you sink into the cushions and close your eyes, you reach for the remote, only to find it’s on the other side of the room. 

Redditors expressed loads of frustration with variations on the same thought. Some just sat down and remembered something they needed in another room, and others couldn’t move because a cat magically appeared in their lap the moment they had one. 

Regardless of the reason, having to get up the second you sit down is annoying. 

Slow Check-Out Lines

We must resign ourselves to the fact that no matter which checkout line we choose, it will be the slowest. 

Even knowing this minor fact of life, it’s annoying to stand in a motionless line, watching the queues around you all move forward at record speed. But you know if you switch, the new line will suddenly stop. 

“I ALWAYS get in the line where someone wants to pay in change, needs to cash a check, or doesn’t know how to use a card reader. Every. Time,” said one Redditor. 

Slow Walkers

I can’t express how irrationally angry I get when stuck behind a group of people slowly strolling along, oblivious that they’re blocking the entire walkway and others can’t get through. 

I’m not the only one. Redditors shared rage-inducing stories of slow walkers in grocery stores, oblivious shoppers blocking paths, and folks who decide the middle of a busy aisle is the perfect place for a casual conversation. 

What Mild Inconvience Frustrates you?

Do you agree with Redditors that these mild inconveniences are actually super frustrating? What else would you add to the list?