Sisters Squabble Over Who Should Pay Hospital Bills After Giving Birth – Who’s Right?

Americans get a raw deal when it comes to healthcare and maternal medicine. The costs of raising a child are outrageous in the states, and it starts before the baby is even born!

We all remember the outrageous story of the man who was charged nearly $40 to hold his baby after birth, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

However, the ridiculous cost of giving birth in the US led to a strange argument between sisters when one decided the other should pay. 

The Sister Hates that OP Moved to Europe

The Original Poster (OP) began by sharing that she moved to France as a teenager, fell in love with a French man, and stayed in Europe to live and work. 

Her sister, who remains anonymous, constantly berated her for the choice to live abroad. 

“My sister hated the fact that I left the US. She took any opportunity she could to trash talk France, trash talk “socialism and communism,” trash talk my husband and his family…etc. It got to the extent that I went LC with her,” shared OP. 

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Childbirth Costs

OP shared that her mother stayed with her during the first month of her baby’s life and was delighted to discover the low cost of maternal healthcare in France. 

“My mom was very impressed by the fact that we paid nothing to have this baby. I didn’t have to pay for my checkups, my mandatory lab work, the birth itself, the hospital stay, and some post-natal care that includes pelvic floor rehab. I didn’t even have to pay for a preventative dentist appointment. Apparently, the same thing in the US would cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.”

OP hardly paid anything to have her baby. France’s healthcare system supports parents, and nearly everything is covered. 

OP’s sister had a very different experience in the United States. 

Sister Demands OP Pays

And that’s where it gets juicy. Upon hearing that OP didn’t pay anything to give birth, the sister, who gave birth around the same time, demanded that OP pay for her birthing hospital bills. 

“Yesterday, she called me, told me that her hospital bills were over $20k because of some complications, and that it wasn’t fair that I didn’t pay anything at all (apparently, my mom kept bringing up the fact that it was free for me). She said since I didn’t have to spend a cent, then I can afford to help her, so she too can afford to stay with her kid instead of going back to work ASAP,” shared OP. 

Hard Pass

You’re not the only one shocked at the sister’s outrageous demands. OP couldn’t believe she was being asked to pay. 

She also used the opportunity to seek petty revenge on her sister for all the horrible things she had said about living in another country. 

“Even though I could afford to send her a couple thousands, I refused to do so purely because of how much she looked down on my decision to to move to France and marry a french man. So all I told her is, “Sorry, I can’t help you. But you are free to come give birth to your next child here. Even as a foreigner, it won’t cost you more than 3k.”

OP Wants to Know if She Was Wrong

The sister called OP condescending, claiming she was a jerk to say that and to withhold the money. OP came to Reddit wondering if she was in the wrong. 

Most users took OP’s side. 

“Your sister had two other children. She knows the cost in the US. Your finances aren’t tied to her in any way,” said one user, explaining why OP shouldn’t pay anything. 

“I am very confused by the amount of family members who expect other family members to help pay their bills. I see so many on here. How is that the norm?” asked another. 

The US’s Healthcare System Needs Help

Many users pointed out the massive discrepancy between OP’s experience in France and the sister’s experience in the US. They slammed the sister for mocking France’s “socialism” while begging for money to deal with America’s unfettered capitalism

“The entitlement is pretty funny for someone who was complaining about “socialism and communism” in France. Sounds like she is looking for some of that socialism right about now,” said one user. 

“Maybe this could be a learning opportunity,” added another. “Tell sister you’ll help with her bills If she can explain how her asking you to cover her costs is different from socialism.”

“She’s against socialized medicine until she needs it for herself – classic. Glad you told her no,” replied another. 

The US pays more per capita in healthcare costs than most other countries and has worse outcomes. Having a baby should never cost 20K, and people shouldn’t be thrust into debt or bankruptcy for having a medical emergency. 

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