What is Project 2025? The Political Plot To Destroy America’s Freedoms

Very rarely do politicians say the quiet part out loud. They whisper their agenda in the shadows, making backroom handshakes that hurt regular people for the sake of their corporate masters. 

However, one group publicized their political agenda for the world to see. They’re saying the quiet part out loud, and it’s terrifying. 

What’s Project 2025?

Project 2025 is a political agenda authored by conservatives under the guidance of the Heritage Foundation outlining the presidential agenda should Republicans retake the white house in 2025. 

That, on its own, is perfectly normal. Most parties publish their agendas to inform voters what to expect if they win. 

However, Project 2025 is far more insidious. 

What’s So Bad About Project 2025?

The nearly 1,000-page document bursts with inflammatory language outlining an us vs. them ideology. Rather than seeking compromise and unity, it sows division. 

On every page, you’ll find foreboding languaging about the “radical left,” “liberal agenda,” and society in great peril. The language seeks to threaten, scare, and intimidate readers into a panic, inciting them to vote against their best interests out of fear. 

But that’s not the worst part about the agenda. 

The evocative language hides the insidious yet genuine plans the agenda seeks to accomplish. 

The Horrible Things Hidden in Project 2025

Project 2025 is a wishlist for the strictest conservative agendas. It seeks to destroy America’s religious freedom, instead suggesting that the only true freedom is to worship Christianity. 

It calls for the erasure (AKA – genocide) of people who don’t fit into its strict, hierarchical boxes while dismantling many legal protections and regulations designed to protect average Americans

Here are some of the scariest aspects of Agenda 2025.

Say Goodbye to Religious Freedom

Page 13 of Project 2025 highlights the author’s disdain for religious freedom and the Constitution. It seeks to redefine America’s prized words, offering all its citizens the unalienable right to pursue happiness, rebranding happiness as “blessedness” to force the historic words to fit their religious dogma. 

The literal text reads:

“When the Founders spoke of “pursuit of Happiness,” what they meant might be understood today as in essence “pursuit of Blessedness.” That is, an individual must be free to live as his Creator ordained…”

*Might* is the operative word. The authors know full well the founding fathers meant happiness when they said happiness.  They also know full well that the First Amendment enshrined our rights to worship who or what we please, as it explicitly says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’ 

Reframing happiness as some type of blessedness that “his creator” ordained is anathema to the entire existence of the Constitution. It goes against the basic tenets of what America stands for. 

“As his Creator Ordained…”

Who gets to decide who this new constitutional creator is or what he actually ordained? Will people still be free to worship the creator of their choice, whether that be Zeus, Thor, Jehova, Brahma, or any of the thousands of creator gods humanity has worshipped over the centuries? Will they be free to not engage in worship if they don’t believe in an ultimate creator?

We know the answer. The Creator must be the Judio-Christian version of God, and “as he ordained” pertains to a particular sect of Christianity’s tenets. 

Is it your sect? Are you willing to take the chance that it’s not?

If it’s yours this time, are you willing to gamble that it will be yours next time as well?

Trans/LGBT Erasure

Project 2025 promises horrors for members of the LGBTQ community.  The document labels all mentions of transgender people pornographic and insists that anyone producing or distributing this new pornography be imprisoned. 

The language explicitly targets members of the trans community for imprisonment for existing. While conversations regarding trans rights concerning sporting events and medical treatment for children are critical to our country’s successful growth, even the most ardent anti-trans conservatives can’t possibly want them to be rounded up and imprisoned. 

An essential element of America’s freedom is that consenting adults can do whatever they wish as long they don’t harm anyone else. The mere existence of trans people doesn’t hurt anyone, despite Project 2025’s claims. Trans people have a right to exist in public without being labeled “pornographic.”

The idea that an identity can be rebranded as pornographic should terrify even the most stringent conservatives. Today, it’s Trans people, but what might it be tomorrow? Gay and Lesbian members of the LGBTQ community? Atheists? Women who wear pants? Women who work outside the home?

Readers may dismiss these concerns, saying it stops at trans people, but when a government begins imprisoning people based on identities, it rarely stops after the first round-up. 

Art is Illegal

Americans value freedom of speech and expression but imagine how jail time for anything labeled “pornography” would inhibit free speech.

Would a teacher go to jail for showing Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David? Could art teachers teach impressionism? Could students express themselves by sketching nudes?

While actual pornography negatively impacts everyone, setting a loose definition and jailing those who “produce” it could create a slippery slope inhibiting freedom of expression.

Dismantling Government Agencies

The lengthy document lists numerous changes for a broad range of government agencies. It’s no secret that the Conservative Party plans to strip essential departments of funding, like the Department of Energy and the Department of Education, but Project 2025 also lays out plans to hurt many other essential services. 

One of the biggest slaps in the face to service members who typically support conservative parties and sacrifice their health for the betterment of the country is the plan’s intention to completely revamp the Veterans Administration. Chapter 20 describes changing disability ratings for future claimants to save money, transitioning essential healthcare for veterans to private, for-profit corporations, and removing the VA’s leadership, replacing them with political appointees to serve an agenda. 

Removing Necessary Regulations

The Agenda will also inhibit the power of government agencies by stripping them of their regulatory authority. 

Many think that’s good, saying government overreach goes too far. However, consider the implications. 

Look what happens in the unregulated cryptocurrency market compared to the tightly regulated stock exchange. People lost fortunes gambling on unregulated currencies. 

Would you want the government to stop regulating nuclear power, toxic waste, workplace safety, food safety, pharmaceuticals, air pollution, child labor laws, or any essential activities keeping people safe?

The Agenda seeks to dismantle regulations for political points and to enrich their founders. Page 144 states explicitly it will abolish every immigration policy put in place by the Biden administration. Even those who dislike the current administration can admit that overturning every rule is a vast overreaction. 

Page 331 describes abolishing Title IX and other student protections, historically promoting equal access to education and equal treatment in schools. Much of the content regarding the Department of Education seeks to end public funding for education, instead forcing children into religious-based charter schools for indoctrination. 

Chapters 12 and 13 serve as giant cash grabs for big money interests in oil and energy. These chapters seek to dismantle clean water, air, and energy safeguards. Chapter 18 seeks to limit workplace protections enforced by the Department of Labor. 

Making Government Political

Civil servants come from all walks of life. They hail from conservative Georgia and liberal California. They span the gambit of political affiliations from the two main parties to independent, Green, Libertarian, and everything in between. 

They put aside their political agendas to do their jobs in the service of their country.

Project 2025 seeks to change that with political litmus tests for government service. It aims to replace expertise and experience with political agendas, decimating the government’s ability to serve its people. 

Rules for Any Canditate

The agenda doesn’t leave room for different candidates to express other plans. The Heritage Foundation is one of the most influential conservative organizations in the country, so the message to any potential candidate is clear: Get on board, or you won’t win. 

Americans Must Unite Against This Fasisct Agenda

Conservatives and Liberals have far more shared beliefs than differences. We all love America and want to see her prosper; we simply have different ideas for the best path to prosperity. 

We all value the freedoms enshrined in the constitution – including the freedom to speak out against the government, worship where, when, who, and how we please, explore our identities, and pursue our personal vision for happiness. 

We may disagree with how others live their lives, but that’s okay. The beauty of America allows everyone to make their own mistakes and choose their own paths, but we come together in times of need for the greater good. 

Project 2025 seeks to destroy that and everything that makes America the beacon of hope in this world. Anyone who values freedom and democracy must stand against it, uniting Red and Blue against this fascist takeover agenda.