Entitled Millennial Throws Fit When Roommate Wants to Leave

Millennials get a bad reputation for being selfish and entitled, but sometimes, the shoe fits. 

One took to Reddit, so assured in their selfishness that they never stopped to consider how wrong they were. 

The Original Poster (OP) came to the popular subreddit AITA, where users can describe a situation and get unbiased opinions on whether they were wrong. 

Living Arrangements

She began by describing their living arrangements. OP and her roommate live in a one-bedroom apartment. They split all the finances 50/50, but OP gets the bedroom, while the roommate gets space in the living room with a divider for privacy. 

The lease is two years, but they can leave anytime with a one-month notice. 

OP Thinks the Current Arrangement is Fair

The OP said she did all the legwork in getting the apartment, including finding it, setting up utilities, and getting insurance. She thinks doing this extra work at the outset makes getting the room and splitting everything 50/50 fair. 

A Few Spats, but Otherwise, Okay

OP’s selfishness doesn’t stop there. She said that they got into a few little spats, which is to be expected of roommates, but the only example she could provide was that her roommate didn’t put her desk together for her. 

I thought she would help more, but I found myself setting up everything. I was out town when our furniture arrived and came back the night before I was starting my new job, which is a work-from-home position, only to find she had friends come over to assemble all her furniture but not my desk. I was quite upset since I had to stay up to assemble it,” admitted OP. 

She also admitted that her roommate is always respectful and takes care of her chores. 

Roommate Wants to Move Out

Op’s roommate got a better job, and decided she wanted her own space. She found a small apartment and signed a lease, set to begin in three months. 

She then told OP of her plan to move out, which didn’t go well. 

“I’m quite honestly completely taken aback and, frankly, p*ssed. We had agreed we’d live there for 2 years, not one,” cried the OP. 

“I kinda blew up on her over this because I’m just in shock, this is to sudden, and she’s leaving me with practically no options other than look for a cheaper place,” she added. 

Is OP Wrong to Be Upset?

OP came to Reddit, wondering if she was wrong. They did sign a two-year lease, after all. 

She admitted to thinking she might be wrong because she’s upset that the move is inconvenient only for her, and she understands wanting your own space. 

OP is Selfish and Entitled

Redditors didn’t hold back. They went all out in telling OP what a selfish, entitled jerk she was being. 

“How did Op write this and not realize she’s a terrible roommate?” asked one. 

“Your entitlement is astounding. She doesn’t have a proper bedroom and still pays half of everything. It’s not up to you to decide what level of comfort is acceptable to her,” stated another. 

“OP even admits how hard it would be to find a new person whose willing to agree to stay in the living room but then is surprised when roommate doesn’t want to either?” questioned a third, highlighting that OP knows she was taking advantage of the roommate. 

It’s Okay To Be Upset, Not Okay To Take it Out on Roommate

Some empathized with OP, saying she’s justified in feeling upset because we can’t control our feelings and changing situations are always stressful. 

However, they said OP needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her and that her roommate is wholly justified in moving out. 

“OP is well within her rights to be what I like to call “selfishly upset” because it means a change to her living situation, potentially leaving a space she feels comfortable in, the risk of a new roommate,” commented one user. “But this is the sort of thing you vent to a parent or other friend about, because the person you’re upset with has done nothing wrong,” they added. 

Source: Reddit