Entitled Woman Throws a Fit When She Can’t Get a Free Vacation

Some people’s selfish entitlement knows no bounds. One woman was so convinced her sister slighted her that she came to Reddit seeking validation but was raked through the coals instead. 

Sister Pays for Vacations

The Original Poster (OP) dripped with jealousy from the very beginning. Her sister chose a lucrative career that allowed her to enjoy lavish vacations whenever she pleased and decided against having children. 

OP’s sister graciously offers to pay for her close friends and family members to join her on these epic journeys.

OP Can’t Go

OP chose a different path. Her job isn’t flexible, and she decided to raise three children, all under 10. 

The sister always chooses the vacation she wants, which makes sense because she pays for it. She insists on Viking cruises, which are 18+, and typically spends 3-4 weeks on each cruise. 

These conditions make it impossible for OP to join the fun, even if the sister pays. 

Even if the cruises allowed children, I can’t take that much time off work, and neither can my husband, and my kids (ages 5, 7, and 9) can’t be off school that long if it’s not summer,” OP complained. 

She Thinks her Sister Should Pay for a Different Vacation

The entitled OP is sick of watching her sister go gallivanting off on fantastic excursions with their parents, aunts, uncles, and friends while she has to stay home and parent her children. 

“My sister exclusively uses Viking Cruises for, and she doesn’t ever buy people vacations for themselves that she’s not going on,” whined the OP, adding, “I have asked about taking other vacations, but she always says no.”

Jealous OP Snarks Sister

 OP couldn’t keep her comments to herself after discovering her sister was taking her aunt and uncle on another lavish cruise. 

“I said it would be nice to get a free vacation,” reported OP, suggesting it was a sarcastic comment. 

The sister, obviously used to her sister’s childish behavior, simply rolled her eyes, but their mom told OP she was out of line. 

“My mum got upset with me later and said it was uncalled for,” said OP, adding, “It might sound petty, but I’m tired of finding out about free vacations that I can’t go on.”

Wow, OP is an Adult?

Redditors were shocked to find out two paragraphs into the entitled rant that OP is, in fact, a grown woman and not a 17-year-old child. 

“It’s such an immature take I thought OP was a teenager until she got the part about having three kids and a husband,” said one user. 

It would make sense for a 16 or 17-year-old to be upset that they couldn’t join an 18+ cruise, but a 27-year-old woman should know better. 

Holy Entitlement

Most users were appalled at OP’s entitlement. She expects her sister to pay for a family of five to go on a random vacation because, in other situations, she graciously pays for people to join in her adventures. 

It’s one of the most ridiculous things many have ever heard. 

“What goes on in your brain that you would expect someone to rearrange their expensive hobby to not only accommodate you.. but your husband and THREE young kids, AND THEN PAY FOR IT?” asked one user, unable to wrap their head around the entitlement. 

“Just because she is taking others on trips with her that she was already going on doesn’t make you entitled to your own free trip,” stated another. 

Jealous Much?

OP sounds incredibly jealous of the life her sister made for herself. 

“Your post is dripping with jealousy and resentment. She doesn’t owe you a free vacation. Nobody does,” stated one user. 

Different Choices; Different Results

Choices have consequences. OP decided to get married, have kids, and choose an inflexible career. Her sister chose a different path. 

“You’re complaining to your sister and your family about a problem that you created. You got married, you had children, you can’t leave them, you can’t take time off work,” said one user. 

“I’m really hung up on the way you said she’s “perpetually single” “never married” and “childless” like you’re judging her for making different choices, but you still want to reap the benefits of her life,” replied another. 

People are free to choose their own paths in life but don’t get mad when your choice doesn’t come with as much freedom as someone else.

Source: Reddit