Father Demands Son Fund Vacation for Step Siblings

When we think about parents, we think of people who have our back no matter what. Parents should move the heavens and the Earth for their kids and be their biggest supporter and confidant. 

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some parents treat their kids like an afterthought, especially when they move on and have more kids with a different partner. 

One especially horrendous father decided his first son was nothing more than an ATM. 

Dad Asks for Money

The Original Poster (OP) came to Reddit seeking advice after his dad asked for money yet again. 

OP said he’s an engineer and pulls in a fantastic salary of well over six figures, so his dad asks for money a lot. 

It’s small amounts that OP can afford, and he usually doesn’t mind helping. 

What’s the Money For?

OP shared that his father often uses the money to take his two other kids with a different mom on a trip for some father-son bonding time. 

OP was never invited, but he was asked to fund them. 

This time, the dad asked for a hefty sum of $20,000 for another father-son bonding vacation. 

OP Asks To Come With

The massive amount finally made OP flinch, but the kind-hearted man didn’t say no. He simply asked to tag along and join the vacation (which he would be funding). 

Apparently, OP doesn’t count as a son because the dad declined his request. 

He said that I wouldn’t fit in and it’d be awkward,” shared OP. 

OP Stands His Ground

OP finally stood up to his father, saying he wouldn’t pay $20,000 to fund a trip he couldn’t even go on. 

However, the dad flipped out and tried to guilt-trip OP into paying. 

“He got very annoyed and said that he had promised a father-son bonding experience for them.”

Promising a Trip You Can’t Afford

Baffled that his father would promise these two kids a trip he clearly couldn’t afford, OP asked his father why he’d make such promises. 

The father’s disgusting response shows precisely how he feels about OP.

“He said, “Because I know you’ll pay for it,” shared OP,

When OP asked his dad why they didn’t ever have bonding time, the dad flipped out and demanded payment. 

OP stood his ground, refusing to pay for the trip. 

Everyone is Mad at OP

Everyone in the family seems to think OP’s the ATM. He’s been barraged with messages and phone calls from other family members saying he should give his dad the money, and he’s wrong for denying others an experience just because he can’t go. 

“Now all of my family is saying that just be I was denied something, that doesn’t mean I should deny it to other people,” he shared. 

OP thinks his father shouldn’t have promised a trip he couldn’t afford, but the constant harassment made him doubt himself. 

He came to Reddit asking if he was wrong for not giving his father the money for the trip. 

Father Sees Son as a Bank Account

Reddit flocked to OP’s defense, calling out his father’s entitlement and horrendous behavior toward his oldest son.  It’s clear from OP’s account that his father only values his money, and it’s time for OP to cut him off. 

“What planet is your father on? $20,000 for a vacation you aren’t even a part of?? That’s insane! You’re his son, not his personal trust fund,” stated one user. 

“Pull the plug on giving him any more money since he’s shown how little he actually cares about his own son,” advised another. 

Get Yourself a New Family OP

The fact that anyone else in the family defended the dad’s atrocious behavior is also telling. OP didn’t share who contacted him, but anyone who thinks the dad is entitled to such a massive sum of money to take his other kids on vacation while ignoring OP has some serious issues. 

“It sounds like the other family members are also enabling that bad father relationship. He should also cut times with the rest of his family because they seem to be ” off, ” said one user. 

“OP, I’d change the friend circle or drop out of the family one if I were you,” advised another, adding, “These people see you as nothing but a walking wallet, and the entitlement is off the charts for everyone.”

Parents who treat their children like ATMs don’t deserve a good relationship with them. OP’s dad doesn’t deserve OP as a son. We hope OP sees this unfair treatment for what it is and cuts contact. He doesn’t need this type of user in his life. 

Source: Reddit