Her Boyfriend Flips Out Upon Discovering She Owns the Home Despite His Free Rent

Moving in with a significant other always brings challenges. Each must learn to adjust to the other’s routines and habits and try to fit into the other’s life. 

They must also figure out how to merge finances so each contributes a fair share of the living expenses. 

One woman skipped that part. She allowed her boyfriend to move in rent-free because she owned the house and didn’t have to pay anything. 

She Never Said She’s the Owner

The Original Poster (OP) never shared that she was the owner. She wasn’t withholding information; it just never came up. 

She also didn’t charge her boyfriend rent or utilities and only asked him to split the grocery bill 50/50. 

So he gets a free place to stay, free utilities, and only has to pay for the food he eats. A lot of people would love that arrangement!

He Finds Out She’s the Owner

One day, the person renting the downstairs apartment came by to discuss a broken freezer. OP resolved the issue with the tenant, offering to reimburse her for whatever freezer she chooses. 

Both OP and the tenant were happy with the arrangement, but the boyfriend was baffled. 

Why would OP buy the freezer??

For the first time in the three months they’ve been living together, the fact that she owned the home came up. OP explained the situation freely, thinking it was no big deal. He’s benefitting from her ownership by not paying anything, after all. 

Boyfriend Flips Out

The boyfriend couldn’t handle the news. How dare she hide the fact that she’s a dirty, money-grubbing landlord?

He said a host of horrible things about her and landlords and ultimately demanded that she fork over half her earnings to him. 

He demanded that I give him 50% of the money I make from rent or else I was just as bad as he thought,” shared OP. 

Now, he’s giving her the silent treatment despite her many attempts to apologize. She came to the internet, wondering if she really messed up that badly by not sharing her status with him. 

He Never Even Offered To Pay

Users assured OP she wasn’t wrong, deducing that he probably would have known she owned the home if he ever offered to pay rent. 

“He must not have offered to pay half of the rent, because then it would have come up, and you would have told him, right?” asked one, and OP responded in the affirmative. 

“He did not offer to pay for any of the rent, if he offered I would have explained to him that I own the building. In hindsight, I should have told him that it was my building that he would be living in with me.” 

What a Piece of Work

So this guy is perfectly happy leeching off his girlfriend when he thinks she’s paying for his rent, but as soon as he finds out she’s not paying anything, he goes into a diatribe about how awful landlords are. 

He also has the audacity to demand half her earnings because, apparently, she’s only an evil landlord if he doesn’t get a cut. 

“We all need to take a minute to observe and be appalled by the audacity of this man,” said one user. 

She Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

OP didn’t do anything wrong. She was under no obligation to tell him, especially as she was covering all his housing costs. 

If she had told him earlier, he probably would have tried to manipulate her into paying for more of his stuff. He’s not against “greedy landlords”; he’s against her not giving everything she has to him. 

Throw Him Out

Hopefully, this situation opened her eyes to what a user her boyfriend is. It doesn’t sound like he’s adding any value to her life, and he’s trying to take even more from her. 

“He showed some serious true colors, and be thankful you saw them now and not later,” offered one user. 

We hope OP takes this lesson to heart and kicks him out. 

Source: Reddit