His Offhanded Comment Highlights How Some Men View The Women in Their Lives

She thought they had a great relationship. They’ve been together for five years and enjoy many of the same hobbies, from poker to football, and even have similar tastes in shows. 

They enjoy each other’s company, and they regularly hang out with each other’s friends, all enjoying shared interests and good times. 

A Comment Has Her Rethinking It All

He just returned from a great weekend trip with the guys. They regularly make time to spend with friends solo, as both think healthy friendships and time apart enhance the relationship. 

They had a date night when he returned, heading out for a few beers to enjoy each other’s company and share the best parts of their respective weekends. 

Everything was going great; they laughed and engaged until he said something so horrific that she was rethinking the whole relationship. 

We joked on the trip that we wish you ladies could be here for us to bang then you can disappear, and we can go back to having fun.”

He Doesn’t Enjoy Her Company

He said it so casually. It was just a passing comment to him, no big deal at all. 

But it highlighted how he and his friends really view the women in their lives. 

They don’t like their wives and girlfriends. They don’t enjoy their company. These men view women as necessary evils, hags they need to put up with to gain access to what they want: sex. 

“Suddenly, I felt reduced to a vagina, and my presence is unwelcome,” she shared, asking the internet how to move on from this awful discovery. 

It’s Demeaning

Though the men in the thread tried to get her to lighten up and see it as “just a joke,” they’re way off base. 

It wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t funny. 

His comments were extraordinarily demeaning and showed that he (and his friends) think of women as objects. They’re sex dispensers, and if men put in enough kindness coins, like hanging out with them, they’ll get what they want. 

“When men say stuff like that they are saying very clearly that they don’t like you,” explained one user.  “Don’t waste your time saying someone who doesn’t like you.”

“You’re dating a man who doesn’t like women, who in fact sees them as subhuman,” said another. 

She Has a Tough Decision Ahead

He showed her that he doesn’t value her. She knows what he truly thinks of her, so now, she has a tough decision. 

Should she stay in a relationship that seems great on the surface despite knowing he only puts up with her because she puts out? Or should she leave to find someone who respects her humanity, risking a lifetime of loneliness on the quest?

You Should Leave

It’s better to be alone and value yourself than spend a lifetime with someone who thinks you’re an object. 

Either way, you will be lonely. At least with the former, you’ll have some self-respect and dignity. 

Source: Reddit

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