Man Freaks Out When Girlfriend Uses His Trash Can

Some men aren’t ready for relationships with women. One woman found this out the hard way when her 23-year-old boyfriend freaked out after she used his trash can. 

She Stays Over and Uses His Restroom

The Original Poster (OP) said she’s 18 and dating a five-year-old man. He’s been on this Earth for 23 years, and they’ve only been together for three months. 

The incident happened the first time she spent the night while her body was doing something entirely normal for half the population: menstruation. 

Like a normal person, OP used the restroom and disposed of her sanitary napkins in the trash after wrapping them in plastic. 

The trashcan has a lid, and there’s a plastic garbage bag in there, so the pad was touching nothing but the trash that was already inside,” she explained. 

Boyfriend Flips Out

When the boyfriend took out the trash, he saw a plastic pad wrapper and flipped out over his girlfriend’s very normal bodily functions. 

“I genuinely didn’t think it was a big deal,” explained OP, because it actually isn’t a big deal. 

However, her boyfriend couldn’t handle the fact that she was a woman. “My boyfriend took out the trash this morning and noticed the plastic wrappers in the bag. He knew they were the packaging for my pads because he had seen them before, and quite outraged, he asked whether my used pads were also in that bag.”

OP is “Disgusting”

Apparently, this 23-year-old adult man wants a robot and not a living, breathing woman. 

“I told him yes, and he dropped the bag, calling me disgusting and telling me to take out the trash myself,” she recounted, shocked at his behavior. 

What Should She Do With Them?

She then asked her boyfriend what she was supposed to do with her used napkins when staying the night if she couldn’t put them in the trash. 

“I did, but then asked him where else I should’ve put my pads, and he told me I could’ve just kept them in my purse until I got home,” said OP, adding, “He stated that he didn’t want my blood all over his trash and that I should find another way to dispose my pads asap.”

OP obviously didn’t want to keep used pads in her purse because, ew, and thought her boyfriend was childish. However, she texted her 19-year-old brother, who agreed with the boyfriend!

Now OP is questioning herself and came to Reddit to see if she was in the wrong. 

Trash or Purse?

Most Redditors agreed the trash was the way to go, and not just for the pads. 

“Please put him in the trash. Get yourself an adult boyfriend. Women’s bodies are not gross,” said one. 

“He is absolutely right, you need to take out your trash. That includes this BF. Make sure he’s in a plastic bag so he doesn’t come into contact with the reality of women and get scared,” added another. 

“Personally, I wouldn’t want him getting all over my trash,” joked a third. 

Menstruation Isn’t Gross

Everyone agreed that menstruation isn’t some taboo topic. It’s not any worse than any other body function that all humans engage in, and men who can’t handle it aren’t ready to date women

“A grown man, who can’t handle wrapped, used pads in the garbage is not someone to hold onto. It is weird, childish, and not really a good sign,” stated one user. 

“Garbage is garbage. Garbage is not for purses. You are a person. Periods are normal. Your boyfriend and brother are being weird,” replied another.

“How dare you dispose of proof of normal human bodily functions in a receptacle designed for the disposal of such proof of normal human bodily functions, located in a room itself designed for the disposal of normal human bodily functions?” added a third, highlighting the ridiculousness of the situation. 

It’s Misogyny

Misogyny is clearly the crux of the issue. The guy thinks a woman must always be a perfect machine, and anything that breaks his idealized version and showcases she’s a real human is unacceptable.

He doesn’t respect her as a person. 

“Men who enjoy women’s anatomy but then are simultaneously disgusted by it are **** losers. It’s misogyny. Your brother and your boyfriend are both horribly immature and pathetic,” exclaimed one user. 

“If that’s not a “This Guys a Raging Misogynist” flash, I don’t (know) what is.” said another. 

OP Rethinking the Relationship

The OP is still young, so it’s understandable that she may question this behavior, especially if her brother agrees. That shows there’s likely some misogyny going on in her own home.  

However, she felt vindicated by the comments. She replied in the thread, saying she went home to rethink the relationship. She hasn’t broken up yet, but she’s taking the comments to heart. 

“I didn’t expect to have hundreds of people telling me to break up with my boyfriend,” replied an overwhelmed OP. 

“No break-up I could talk about yet, but I’ve taken the comments to heart, and if I don’t get some kind of explanation/ apology in the near future, I’ll have to reconsider whether maintaining this relationship is actually worth it,” she wrote, adding love to everyone who offered support. 

Many replied to her comment, saying it better be one spectacular explanation, and OP is too young to waste her time with a man who clearly doesn’t respect her as a human. 

We hope it works out for the best for OP. 

Source: Reddit