Marital Strife: 12 Things that Cause the Biggest Problems in Marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, but there will always be issues when two people join their lives together and attempt to compromise on their goals and dreams. 

These 12 issues cause the most marital strife; if you can overcome them, you can have a lifetime of bliss. 

Lack of Communication

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Some married people don’t even talk to each other. They make assumptions, do their own thing, and never even consider their partner’s thoughts and ideas. 

No Effort

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People see marriage as the finish line, so they stop trying once they’ve said their vows.  You must always try to improve your partner’s life for a successful marriage. 

Shouldn’t Be Married

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Some folks get married because society tells them they should, not because they want to. These folks and their partners would be better off single. 


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Marriage is give and take. If one person refuses to give and constantly takes, the marriage won’t last. 

Wife Appliance

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Millions of women walk away from their marriages because they’re sick of being treated like an appliance. Their husbands see them as fixtures designed to enhance their lives and refuse to contribute around the house. 

Weaponized Incompetence

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Some men pretend they don’t know how to do basic tasks to avoid helping. Their wives start seeing them as children who add to their burden. 


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If we can safely drop our ego anywhere, it should be at home. Unfortunately, many people can’t do it, so they refuse to apologize if their behavior hurts their loved ones and refuse to admit to any wrongdoing at all. 

Outside Interference

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Even the strongest marriages struggle with the burden of outside interference. In-laws can cause a lot of strife, especially if the couple isn’t on the same page about interacting with them. 


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Financial problems are oft-cited as the top reason for divorce. Different ideas about money lead to many arguments about spending, saving, and investing. If you can’t get on the same page, the marriage may not last. 

Expecting Your Partner to Be Everything

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Many people think their spouse should be their everything: friend, lover, therapist, doctor, social planner, housekeeper, chef, etc. 

No person can be everything to another person. Humans need robust social lives to thrive. 


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People change, but some hide who they are until they get the ring. Many complain that their spouse pulled a complete 180 immediately after the wedding. 

Don’t lie about who you are to get married. Find someone who wants to be with the real you. 

Wrong Priorities

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When you’re in a marriage, you must prioritize your partner and your relationship. Far too many people get hitched and then ignore their partner. Everyone and everything comes first: work, their parents, friends, a hobby, and then they wonder why their partner leaves. 

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