She Threatens To Divorce Her Husband if He Doesn’t Step Up

Women find themselves taking on the bulk of domestic responsibilities in far too many relationships. One woman had enough and finally threatened to divorce her husband if he refused to step up and contribute more. 

He Works A Lot, But Not When He Gets Home

The Original Poster (OP) shared that her husband is gone daily from about 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. for work. He thinks that because he’s gone for so long at a “stressful” job, he shouldn’t have to help out when he gets home. 

She Works Too

OP shared that she also works but typically works from home, and her job is flexible enough to allow her to care for their son while she’s on the job. 

They make similar salaries, and she only works four hours a day. They both do office-type work. 

She’d love to take on more at work, which would also improve her salary, but her household responsibilities hinder her ability to work longer hours. 

OP Needs His Help

When he gets home from work, he refuses to pitch in. She’s not even asking for free time. OP wants him to watch their child so she’s free to do the laundry and make dinner, tasks he refuses to help with. 

Fed Up OP Threatens Divorce

After numerous attempts at reasoning with her husband, OP pulled out the final ultimatum. Either he steps up, or she files for divorce. 

The husband wasn’t moved. He said she’d be worse off as a single mom than now. 

He got mad and told me good luck thinking I would have more free time because statistically, single mom’s have a harder time than single dads,” reported OP. 

OP Wonders if She’s Wrong

OP came to Reddit seeking advice. Is she wrong to want her husband’s help at home? Was throwing the “D-Word” out too harsh?

Divorce Would Force Him To Step Up

Many Redditors wondered why he just assumed she’d have full custody, and this assumption shows that he’s not pulling his weight. 

“If they do 50/50, which means that 50% of the time, he will have to do half the work for a change, and his life will become more stressful, not less,” said one user. 

He Probably Won’t Fight for 50/50

Others pointed out that he’s already a deadbeat, and they guess he won’t fight for 50/50 custody, leaving her to do the bulk of the work anyway. 

“(He’s) practically telling her she would have no help or involvement from him if they divorced,” one pointed out. 

She’d Still Do Less

Even if he didn’t fight for custody, he’d probably get the kid at least once a month, offering Mom a well-deserved break. And if he didn’t, at least she’d only have to care for two people rather than three. 

“I’ve read so often about how women and mom’s lives are actually easier after divorce/separation or when their partners are out of town, bc the partners are basically big children themselves,” shared one user. 

One-Sided Relationship

OP’s partnership is one-sided. Why he seems to think he only needs to provide a paycheck and can ignore the actual responsibilities of adulting is beyond us.

We hope she realizes she’d be better off without the dead weight and follows through with her threat to divorce the useless man. 

Source: Reddit