She’s Dramatic for Expecting Her Husband To Fix a Problem He Said He’d Fix Weeks Ago

Men love calling women nags. These poor souls will complain to everyone within earshot about how unfairly they’re treated at home and how their wives just won’t stop hounding them about chores. 

Women are wising up. They’ve learned that what men call nagging is really their second request in two months to fix a problem he swore up and down he’d handle. It’s a form of weaponized incompetence, where they make the woman seem like the problem when in fact, they’re just refusing to do their fair share of the domestic load. 

She’s Dramatic Over a Leak

One woman learned the hard way that she can’t trust her husband to help with basic household tasks. 

The Original Poster (OP) took to the internet to vent after her husband called her “dramatic” when all she did was ask him to do something he promised he would. 

They live in a rental, and about a month ago, they discovered a small leak in the bathroom. All they had to do to fix it was call the landlord and report it. 

OP’s husband, being the manly man of the house, said he’d take care of it. 

A Month Later

A month later, he still hadn’t called. The leak worsened, and OP is worried it will become a more dire situation. 

She told her husband he really needed to call and report it to the landlord (like he said he would), but he threw a fit. 

How dare she nag him about this? 

She’s the Dramatic One

He called her “dramatic” for noticing the worsening leak, complained that he’d have to use his time off for this (we didn’t know it took 8 hours to make a phone call, but okay), and proceeded to give her the silent treatment the rest of the day. 

Frustrated, she told him to forget about it. She called the landlord while he threw himself a pity party. 

Although OP only came online to vent, users had much to say about the situation. 

He Needs To Learn How To Adult

Calling the landlord when something goes wrong is a simple task required of all adults. We’re baffled that the husband let something as damaging as a water leak linger for a month without doing something. 

“As a married woman and homeowner this is such a huge red flag, I would never want to own property with someone like this,” said one user. 

“Lord knows I hate making phone calls but as an adult it needs to be done,” added another. 

He’s the Dramatic One

Users couldn’t comprehend the husband’s claim that OP was dramatic. 

“It’s called “expecting a functional, responsible adult as a partner,” not being dramatic,” said one. 

“Ah yes, it’s the person doing the task and not giving the silent treatment over a toilet who is the ‘dramatic’ one right now. Logic checks out,” snarked another. 

Why Are So Many Men Like This?

The comment section included a ton of women commiserating over similar experiences. Their husbands would insist on doing a task, never do it, and get angry if she brought it up. 

When she finally gives up and does it herself, he pouts with an “I was just about to do that!”

It’s Weaponized Incompetence

Men like OP’s husband don’t want to do the work, but they also want to train their wives not even to ask. He’s purposefully putting it off and making it seem like her fault, so in the future, she’ll know asking him isn’t worth the effort. 

They Want Praise

Sometimes, they do it because they want the praise for offering but don’t want to do the work. Saying they’ll do it gives them brownie points, but they never intended to do it. 

They’re hoping they can say they’ll do it, win the points, then have you do it for them anyway. 

OP Needs To Put Her Foot Down

If he’s acting like this over such a simple task, he probably acts like this over everything. They need to have a serious conversation about domestic duties and properly communicate with one another. If he can’t handle an adult conversation about chores, he’s not ready for an adult relationship.

Source: Reddit