When He Screams About Disobedience on a First Date

Dating is hard. You must navigate through a sea of toxic people to find that one person who you enjoy traveling through life with. 

And the toxic ones can be downright terrifying, as one woman discovered when she dared disobey commands from her date. 

Getting Along at First

The Original Poster (OP) shared that she met someone on Tinder and agreed to meet at a neutral public location. 

They were having a fantastic time, so they decided to keep the date going by switching venues. 

Getting to the Second Place

Since they both drove their own vehicles, they both needed to drive to the second place. OP said she wasn’t familiar with it, but her date assured her he knew where it was and told her to follow him. 

He made a point to tell me to follow him since he knew the way there and I didn’t,” said OP. 

Using GPS

OP didn’t mind following, but she input the address into her GPS for practical purposes. It was a sensible move, as it’s easy to get separated by traffic lights, and OP prefers to know where she’s going. 

On the way, her GPS made her turn while the date went straight. She decided to follow the GPS instead of him. 

Date Flips Out

The date noticed she stopped following and immediately called OP. He demanded to know whether she followed a GPS. 

OP laughed, thinking he must be joking, and asked when he’d get to the venue. 

He Was Not Joking

To OP’s horror, her date wasn’t joking. He demanded an explanation for why she used GPS rather than following him as instructed. 

“Why didn’t you trust me enough to follow me? Why didn’t you listen to me?” he asked before snapping at her attempts to explain and calling her “disobedient.”

OP Ends the Date

OP decided that was enough. She no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with this deranged lunatic and headed home. 

However, she was baffled by the behavior and shared it on Reddit to get other women’s viewpoints on the situation. 

“I feel like it was some kind of test to see how meek and acquiescent his dates are and, frankly, it freaked me the h*ll out,” she said. 

Totally Creepy

Reddit users agreed the date’s behavior was really creepy, and they’re glad OP discovered his sexist attitudes early on. 

“I am so glad you ended the date there. That word “disobedient” is a huge red flag,” said one user. 

Red Pill Rabbit Hole

Others said it sounded like he fell down the red pill rabbit hole. He’s parroting words and phrases common in misogynistic circles where men feel entitled to lord control over the women they date. 

“My now ex fell down the redpill pipeline and started using words like “disobedient” and telling me I must “obey him as a man” and “submit to him,” said one user, highlighting words and phrases guys with this mindset love to use. 

GPS May Have Saved Her Life

Many pointed out that OP’s date may have had ulterior motives in having her “follow.” Who can say whether he would have driven to the venue or some dark, secluded spot where he could assault her or worse?

“It just seems really sketchy and weird to get so mad over that unless his plan was foiled to isolate her by following him on his “route” to the next place,” said one user. 

“Either you saved yourself a lot of grief or you saved yourself from a trap,” added another.  “There’s no reason for him to freak out that you took a different route. This stinks of something suspicious.”

Be Careful Out There, Ladies

We all want to find that perfect partner, but as Reddit showcases, we have to sift through a lot of…dirt…to find a good one. 

Women must protect themselves because you never know if that Tinder date has ulterior motives. 

We’re glad OP had the sense to follow her own GPS and end the date at the first hint of toxic behavior. Other women aren’t so lucky. 

Source: Reddit

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