You Went To Dinner With an Influencer. Should You Let Them Photograph Your Food?

Social media influencers get a lot of hate, and sometimes with good reason. Many epitomize main character syndrome, acting like their content is more important than everything around them. 

They’ll block public passages, cause disturbances in public places, and act annoyed when a stranger randomly gets in their shot. 

Going to dinner with an influencer can create a host of problems, as one annoyed person discovered. 

A Dinner with Friends

The Original Poster (OP) said their friend invited them to dinner, acknowledging that others would be present. The friend didn’t disclose that some of the other people were influencers, but that didn’t seem to matter at the time. 

Requesting Pictures

Everyone had a decent time chatting, though the OP expressed frustration upon learning that the influencer couple used the conversation later in their topic. 

They didn’t know that then, so when the meals came, and the influencers asked to take photos, OP reluctantly agreed. 

Taking Forever

Of course, the couple couldn’t just take a photo and be done with it. They needed to shoot the table and each meal from multiple directions to build their content library and get the perfect picture. 

OP’s patience waned. 

I’m Going To Eat Now

After a few minutes, OP said they finished the photo shoot and would like to enjoy their meal. The influencers asked if they’d review the food on film for their platforms, but OP declined. They said they weren’t comfortable contributing to a random couple’s online content. 

How Dare You, OP!

The couple got upset with OP for refusing to participate in their online charade. OP says they’re “extremely P’Oed,” and they’re calling OP a jerk. 

Everyone else agrees with the couple, saying OP should have just cooperated, letting them take photos and videos. 

Is OP in the Wrong?

OP came to the internet, expressing their frustration at the situation. They didn’t think they were wrong for politely declining, and they did give the couple a few minutes to take photos. 

However, all their friends are against them. 

Were they wrong?

The Key Question: Were You Paid?

Internet users had an essential question for OP: did the influencers pay for their time or content? If they did, OP would be in the wrong to refuse, but if they didn’t, then OP has no obligation to participate. 

OP responded that they didn’t offer to pay. In fact, the “influencers” aren’t even big enough to score a discount on meals! (They asked, and the restaurant refused.)

OP Not Wrong

With that new information, the internet agreed that OP is not a jerk. 

“They can waste all the time they want photographing their own food, you’re not obligated to accommodate their influencer crap in any way,” said one user. 

“Let them “influence” (gag) with their own food, and ask for compensation if they want to video you for their social media. Insufferable,” said another. 

But the Influencers Were

The influencers were way outside bonds by berating OP. It’s okay (though a little cheesy) to ask, but if someone says no, that should be the end of it. 

Nobody is obligated to participate in any online content they don’t want to be a part of. 

“That is totally obnoxious behavior on their part,” said one user. 

“This can’t be real. My brain refuses to accept that this happened,” added another. 

Influencers Gonna Influence

It’s influencers like this that give the industry a bad name. Creating content for social media is a fantastic way to earn a living, but you cross the line when you act entitled to other people’s time and money to do so. 

These influencers aren’t really influencers; they’re greedy folks looking for freebies on other people’s dime. 

Source: Reddit