The Stuck at Home Survival Bundle

I love ultimate bundles. I got the Healthy Eating Ultimate Bundle a year ago, and I’m still finding awesome new recipes to use from it. It was a great purchase! That’s why I’m so happy to see that Ultimate Bundles came out with a Stuck at Home Survival Bundle. It’s just the thing to help us get through our stay at home orders safely!

The Bundle is loaded to the brim with value – it has over $400 worth of content for only twenty bucks! That’s a great deal! Click here if you’re already sold and want to get your own bundle, or read on to find out whether the bundle is right for you. But hurry – this bundle is only available via flash sale on April 7!

Stuck at Home Survival Bundle

Just what is a stuck at home survival bundle? It’s a bundle of products, like e-books, workbooks, and printables, that will make staying at home easier. With this global pandemic, we are all stuck at home trying to find ways to alleviate boredom and keep our families sane.

stuck at home survival bundle
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The Stuck at Home Survival Bundle contains 20 products that were specifically chosen to help you and your family pass time in a fun and educational way. It has a ton of activities to help you keep your kids entertained and learning, some tips on homeschooling (since most parents have turned into home schoolers), Self-care advice, and advice on working from home. It’s basically your one stop shop for staying sane during the quarantine.

What is in the Stuck at Home Survival Bundle?

The Stuck at Home Survival Bundle is filled to the brim with things that will make staying at home much much easier for you and your family. But, the majority of the items in the bundle are geared towards parents and children. If you don’t have kids at home that you are trying to entertain and keep educated, this may not be the best value for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there still are a few items inside that can help you. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look and see if those products alone are worth the twenty bucks (The estimated value of those products alone is well over $100), but parents are definitely getting the better deal with this bundle.

Products for Kids

Like I said, the Stuck at Home Bundle provides tons of value for parents. There are 7 products in the bundle that are designed to help your kids stay active, educated, and engaged during our stay at home orders. These include educational materials on science, geography, and drawing (though that could be fun for some adults too!) in addition to tools to help kids stay organized and learn how to journal. All the kids products combined are worth nearly $150, so the $20 price tag on the bundle is an exceptional value.

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Products for Parents

Parents truly do make out like bandits with this bundle. I think the most valuable part of this bundle for parents is the crash course on homeschooling. Most of you never imagined that you’d be home schooling, yet here we are. We’re stuck in quarantine situation with closed schools and the expectation that you will take over the teaching role. This course alone is worth $40! If you get the bundle just for it, you will be getting it at half the normal price. How is that for a steal of a deal?

But there are also a few extra products for parents. The screen time formula can help you decide how much screen time is right for your family, and the intentional stay at home mom course has loads of information on self-care and activities.

Self-Care Products

One thing that we have to remember while isolating is to take care of ourselves. It isn’t always easy when we feel like we have to take care of everyone around us 24/7. The adult coloring book in this bundle is a great way to unwind and relax. I also have a Buffy the Vampire Slayer coloring book, which I love!


The gratitude challenge is a great way to help you stop and reflect on all the things you have to be grateful for. It isn’t easy to do that during the stress of a pandemic, and the course really helps you explore that.

Organization and Preparation Products

There are some really great gems in the Stuck at Home Survival Bundle that help keep you prepared for an emergency. The Emergency Medical Information set is a way to organize all of your family’s medical information in case you need it, and the spring seasonal living course will help you make the best of this season even while we’re stuck at home.

The digital scrap book e-course will help you learn how to organize all your important memories online. You will never lose them (though to be honest, I prefer physical scrap books, but I can see the importance of having that stuff saved to the cloud too).

Work-From Home Products

The final thing this bundle offers is two resources on how to make money from home. The first is a starter kit on starting your own business, and the second is a guide to all the types of businesses that hire teleworkers. Whether you prefer to be your own boss, or work a regular 9 to 5, there’s an option for you.

Get Your Stuck at Home Survival Bundle

Doesn’t the Stuck at Home Survival Bundle sound amazing? Click here to get yours today! While you’re there, you can also check out the Ultimate Productivity Bundle and the Master your Money Super Bundle. Both are still available!

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  1. Adjusting to work from home life is challenging enough on its own — I can’t imagine adding in the whole “learning to homeschool” business to the mix. Sounds like a cool bundle, particularly for parents!

    • I know, that sounds so difficult! I really feel for all the parents out there who are struggling.

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