Starting the Weight Loss Competition – Lets Do This!!

Hey folks! Transparency Disclosure- Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. That means I’ll receive a small commission if you decide to click on it and buy something. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Hey folks! Transparency Disclosure- Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. That means I’ll receive a small commission if you decide to click on it and buy something. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Weight Loss Competition

I did my weigh in at work today for the weight loss competition I mentioned in my New Year’s Goals post. I weighed in at just over 150 lbs. Ouch!!  That’s more than I’ve weighed in my entire life!  I’m going to destroy my coworkers during this competition though!

You might be wondering why I’m writing a post about weight loss in a personal finance blog. Well for starters, don’t forget that it’s also a lifestyle blog!  Obviously, I’m going to write about finance, but I’m also going to write about real life. Hopefully it will be a nice mix!

But more importantly, being healthy is a huge part of my journey to financial independence. It’s also a very important to maintaining financial independence once I get there. One major health crisis can completely derail the best laid plans for freedom. I don’t want a major health crisis to jeopardize my plans, so I’m going to do everything I can to stay healthy.

What does Staying Healthy Mean?

Staying healthy means exercising, eating right, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Sometimes its hard to do these things on your own, so this weight loss competition is amazing motivation!  I’m totally going to win!!

I need to lose about 20 pounds to be at my ideal healthy body weight. That’s about 13% of my current body weight that needs to go! Luckily, we are doing the competition by body weight percentage rather than by total pounds. It’s fairer that way because it probably wouldn’t be healthy for me to lose more than 20 pounds, and some of the guys I’m competing against could safely lose up to 40.

How am I gonna do it?

So, how am I planning on losing 20 pounds during our two-month weight loss competition?  I’m not entirely sure. I’ve never attempted such a drastic weight loss challenge before!  But I have some pretty good ideas

First, I’m going to work out 3-5 times per week. I know, that’s ambitious for someone who has worked between 0 and 0 times per week for the past three months, but I was in the army, I can do it! I have faith in myself!

Ok, I squirreled. Back to the plan!


I am planning on taking Coyote out running three days per week. This will be my main source of Cardio. Coyote has so much energy that I get tired just from watching him, so the extra bonus of burning some of that off is really going to add to my motivation. A tired dog is less likely to dig holes and eat remotes! I have to start slowly here, I haven’t run in so long. But I know from past experience that it only takes about 2 weeks to get into a good running habit. I just have to suck it up for those two weeks.

Some of my new friends in Savannah are also members of running clubs. Once I actually can run again, I’m going to ask them to join and go out for a group run at least once per week. Maybe if I can have fun and meet cool people while running I’ll be able to keep it up after the competition ends!  That’s the hope anyway. The competition is a great starting point, but I want to maintain a healthy weight as well.

Weight Loss Competition

Weight training

I love weight training, so I have a pretty awesome weight training plan to go along with my hardcore cardio plan. I’m going to do weight training three days a week as well (sometimes on my cardio days, sometimes on alternate days so I can rest). When I was in Iraq, I had an amazing fitness plan where I rotated between arm day, leg day, shoulder day, and core day (chest and back). I have an amazing hand weight set that I’m going to use to tone all my major muscle groups (except legs, I always just use body weight resistance for legs, and trust me, it hurts!).

Related: Check out this dumbbell set on Amazon*!

Healthy eating

This is the big one for me. I’ve been filling up on cookies and cakes and sweets and chocolates and all sorts of yummy delicious goodies for the past two months. I need to cut it out!  I actually don’t think it will be too difficult though. I’ve been feeling so gross lately. I can actually feel how the lack of healthy foods has been affecting me. I feel so bloated and gross all the time, and I know its mostly due to how terribly I’ve been eating. I’ve actually been looking forward to this weigh in so I can start eating healthy again, as ridiculous as that sounds!

Yeah, I could’ve started earlier, but I have some steep competition! I didn’t want to lose two or three pounds before the competition even starts!  Also, I figured gorging myself for an extra week would make junk food incredibly unappealing for at least a few months. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Weight Loss Competition

It Starts!

So today is day one of my challenge. I’ll try to post monthly updates of my progress and any tips I’ve discovered. Wish me the best!!

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6 thoughts on “Starting the Weight Loss Competition – Lets Do This!!”

  1. Good luck Melanie! I’m also trying to drop about 10 pounds as part of my New Year’s resolutions. In the past, I’ve used the free My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone and found it to be a big help. I’ve never been much of a food tracker and the app makes it super easy. Unfortunately, it’s a shock at how much less I need to eat to lose weight, but, at least it’s good to know!

    1. Thank you Kat! I used to use a similar app for Android, but I never remembered to put in my meals! I probably wouldn’t enjoy an app that tells me to eat less either hahaha. Good luck to you as well, I know we can both do this!!

  2. I gained some weight last year due to health issues, and am trying to work it off now. I switched up my eating a bit to do intermittent fasting the 16:8 version, and I am finally seeing some movement on the scale. Good luck to you as you work on your health and fitness!

    1. Thank you! And I’m glad you are seeing some results! What is the 16:8 version of fasting? Fast 16 hours per day and you can eat the other 8?

  3. Good luck. I’ve got my own competition with myself going, and so far I am losing. But I am going to wait to write about it. Hopefully I can turn it around.

    Best of wishes with the competition!

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