Horrible Life Decisions To Avoid at All Costs

No one said life is easy. It’s often a struggle made worse by our own horrible choices. Here are some awful life decisions many people make but should try to avoid for a happy, healthy life.

Staying in a Bad Situation

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Far too many people stay in bad relationships, horrible jobs, and awful cities because it seems easier than leaving. 

Change is scary, but you’ll be so glad you did it. 


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Every action has a consequence, causing some people to freeze up refusing to make a decision. However, indecision is also a decision, and often, the results of not deciding are worse than the consequences of any decision you would have made. 

Substance Abuse

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Far too many people fall into unending cycles of abuse. It’s even worse when the substance is legal, like alcohol, because people don’t realize how dangerous it is until it’s too late. 

Credit Card Debt

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Credit seems like free money, but it’s not. Credit cards are great for emergencies and to build credit, but far too many people use them to fund vacations, televisions, and other wants and then find themselves in a hole they can’t dig out of. 

Staying Up Late

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Going to bed means the morning will come and, with it, another awful day at work. People try to avoid the inevitable by staying up too late, but it only worsens things, as lack of sleep can negatively affect health and wellness. 

Neglecting Relationships

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Humans are social creatures. We need the community to thrive. Far too many people ignore their friends and relatives and then wonder why they feel so lonely. 


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Too much of anything can be a bad thing. We don’t need to sleep 15 hours daily, eat 4000 calories at every meal, and spend all our free time pursuing pleasure. 

Having a Baby

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Parenthood is beautiful when done for the right reasons, but many people do it for the wrong reasons, like boredom or wanting to fix a failing relationship. 

A baby won’t solve any of your problems. 

No Self Investment

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Investing in yourself is one of the most important investments you can make. It’s not about money, either. Learn new skills, invest in your wellness, and do what you enjoy. 

Neglecting yourself will lead to unhappiness. 

Putting Off Retirement Savings

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Far too many people hurt their future prospects by putting off retirement savings. The sooner you start saving, the less money you have to put in overall due to the magic of compounding interest. But far too many people would rather spend all their money when they’re young, only to find that they cannot retire later in life. 


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Procrastination destroys success. People who constantly put things off for later wake up one day and realize they never did anything. 


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You don’t have to get sucked into that toxic person’s drama. It’s tough to ignore sometimes, especially when the drama lover is a close friend or family member, but you can decide whether to entertain the drama. 

You’ll be far happier if you refuse to engage in it. 

Neglecting Your Body

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A little exercise and healthy food go a long way, but far too many people would rather sit on the couch eating junk food. Then they’re surprised that they don’t have the energy to do anything by the time they hit 40. 

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